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Nevis Range // Sunday 8th February 2009
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Heading for home on a forest track near the Gondola bottom station.

Looking down Goose Gully, the Allt Sneachda is complete to well below the Quad Chair, don't unintentionally overshoot!

A snowy vista in every direction from the Summit Tow. Where are the fences?

Not everyone took the gondola down, with some combat skiing mid-way down before getting into the better covered forest roads it was possible to ski to the carpark Sunday (below 300ft)!

That's the sea you can see (Loch Eil), snow pretty much to sea level on the West Coast.

Heading for Far West on skiers left of the Quad Chair. Superb and pretty much complete cover across the front of the mountain.

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A great day at Nevis Range with fine bright weather and light winds and all front of mountain runs complete and open, along with all front lifts and tows.

The front face of the mountain has almost complete cover, fantastic cover down Goose Gully and out the Allt Sneachda which is complete to below the Quad Chair. Around the Quad there is very wide cover from the Allt Sneachda to way out past the Far West fences.

Where pisted there is great machine packed powder. Off the pisted areas is a mix of skier packed powder and tracked up soft snow, with some windblown stashes of fresh to be found. There are some hard packed areas on the unpisted stuff where fresh snow has been scoured down or thinner new cover scrapped off by heavy traffic, but these can easily be avoided.

Good sport for all ability levels on offer on the front of the mountain. The Back Corries are closed due to a combination of avalanche risk from poor snow stability and lack of depth on that side which means lots of rocks and dangerous runouts. Nid Wall however was open at the weekend, but do check with patrol for the latest on it as it can avalanche too. Warren's and the Flight also offer steeper stuff on th front side.

Over the weekend the ultra keen who were prepared to engage in some sections of combat skiing managed to get down to the Car Park, some fairly decent snow at the top, distinctly combat skiing mid-way down, then using part of the downhill track and onto forest roads which had better cover than the mid-section of open hill-side.

Thanks to James Mumford and Andy (valdishee) for the photos. Please send yours to pix2009@winterhighland.info .
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