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Glenshee // Sunday 8th February 2009
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Meall Odhar from the Cluny Runs. Fantastic pisted and unpisted snow on Meall Odhar.

Coire Fionn Pomas and fenced red from above Glas Maol's Centre Gully.

Hmmm, where's that helicopter?

Evidence of last months major freezing rain event glistens in the sun. This is still making for very variable surface conditions off-piste and beyond the ski area.

Dropping a small cornice on Meall Odhar. Lots of great fun lines on Meall Odhar.

Looking out from the Cairnwell, Meall Odhar mid-picture, showing lots of lines of both the Meall Odhar and Caenlochan Pomas.

View out along the traverse to Centre Gully on Glas Maol.

Carn Aosda T-bar and Butchart's Access Poma. These finally filled in with the strong North winds last week.

Looking back down the Glas Maol Poma, lots of stashes to be found. Possible to ski out Centre Gully to the A93, but its a bloody long walk back if no-one picks you up!

Glas Maol's Centre Gully, pisted to a stupid width, but a mere fraction of the available snow!

Glas Maol Poma. Lots of lines, but the steep face on the black run is closed due it being wind scoured down to the freezing rain ice layer.

Going up the Meall Odhar Poma, Cluny Pomas beyond.

Queuing for the Tom Dearg Poma, with the blue Home Run from Fionn Coire behind.

The fenced Coire Fionn red was offering great sport on Sunday with packed powdery bumps forming. Flatter beyond the fences if you don't like moguls!

Looking into the distant Butchart's Coire from high on Meall Odhar.

It's going to be busy, a snake of cars winds it way through the vast Glenshee carpark on the A93.

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A very busy but great day at Glenshee on Sunday, bright and dry with light winds and most terrain having very good surface conditions and plenty of stashes for those seeking fresh tracks.

Glenshee is looking and is much more wind swept than CairnGorm just now (that's a first surely), thus surface conditions are mixed. The upside is there is some very impressive accumulations of snow on sheltered slopes, the SAIS have reported depths of 300cm on Meall Odhar and thus it's not surprising that's where the best sport is to be found.

Yet many treat Meall Odhar as merely a transit corridor that needs to be negotiated to get to Fionn Coire and the Glas Maol Poma. There are nearly endless combinations of great fun lines and little visited stashes to play in on Meall Odhar, it's well worth taking the time to explore it a bit, rather than merely transiting through it on a Poma and returning via the home run round it's Northern flank.

All runs are complete and most have a good or very good cover between the fences and in the main snow fields. However the Northerly blast that hit Glenshee late last week and filled in Carn Aosda and Butchart's, unfortunately also scoured some slopes most exposed to it, principally the Tiger, Thunderbowl and the steep face on the Glas Maol black. With the lethal frozen rain ice layer exposed these 3 runs are currently closed, however all have a good and seriously solid base.

Runs back to the car park level from both sides are all in great nick, so there is good sport for all ability levels with road side nursery areas by the Dink Dink Poma, then Claybokie and Cluny area for those graduating from the Dink Dink.

Thanks to Neil Marshall, Nigel Webber and Hustler for the photos. Please send yours to pix2009@winterhighland.info or post a public report.
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