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CairnGorm Mountain // Thursday 19th March 2009
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Going up the Ciste Tow, snow still extends right across from the Bowl to Tow Track in places.

Looking back up the Ciste Bowl from the T-bar. Good granular spring snow here even later in the day.

Could be the wrong season, looking through the Ryvoan Pass from the Ciste Chairlift.

Looking up the Ciste. Gully is broken lower down, but the majority of it still has a base, wouldn't take a huge amount of snow drifting down to fill in.

Granular spring snow on a very quiet upper Coire Cas.

View towards the broken M1 RaceTrack from the top Zig Zag which is full width. Second leg is narrow, but is complete back out into the Gunbarrel at the base of the M1 Poma.

The remains of the epic spring snow mogul field on the White Lady, the best and truest spring snow on the mountain, but quite broken and walking required.

Ducks swimming in Loch Morlich as sunset nears.

Beach BBQ in mid March, I hope this isn't our summer done and dusted for another year like in 2007!

Fullwidth between the fences at the top of the Traverse, looking towards the Top Station.

Ambassador (H11lly) heads into the Cas Gunbarrel. Still good cover and fairly flat, but lower Gunbarrel was much more mushy heavy snow than elsewhere.

Epic multi-kick kicker or is it a work of art. From fairly moderate to bonkers options.

Flat-down-Flat wide box rail in the park. There is a wide low short flat rail above, better one to try rail slides on. The f-d-f in the photo better for straight running over due to plastic surface.

The battleship fun box has lost it's sides, set up high in the snow so only for better riders. A expert flat-down kinked rail is on the brow of the slope into the bowl with a gap to rail air needed to hit it.

Skiers and boarders in the Ptarmigan Bowl by the foot of the T-bar. Slightly sticky in the bowl, Ciste Bowl though truer more granular spring snow.

Ptarmigan Bowl retains a good wide cover of granular snow, softening and a bit sticky late on in places. Excellent beginner areas in the bowl and off the trainer tow.

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A beautiful sunny day on CairnGorm Mountain, but only on the North side. Cloud which had drifted in to the Southern 'Gorms on a SE wind was plaguing the Plateau area and at times hugging the Plateau rim and summits. So not such a good day for high level touring as earlier in the week.

All Top Basin Runs are complete with a good width of snow in the Ciste Bowl, the Ciste Fairway is a reasonable width and the Ptarmigan Bowl retains a wide cover with excellent beginner areas. The Trainer Tow is open for novices adjacent to the Top Station. Sledge Park was open.

Upper Cas into the top part of the Gunbarrel had fantastic spring snow for carving up, could crank it up with a Southerly tail wind and empty run. Very quiet on the mountain, but the Cas and M1 tows were often without a sole on them. Only an afternoon and legs are aching with the miles clocked up very quickly, great day to be on the hill.

The Traverse and 105 have good cover of granular spring snow, Coire Cas is mostly good cover though a couple of thinnish bits right at the top but not causing any problem yet.

Generally decent granular spring snow, but some areas could do with a bit more freeze/thaw to get the snow more granular, as it was getting a bit sticky in patches in the Ptarmigan Bowl later on and the lower Gunbarrel was mushy. Though the M1 queuing area is bare, patrol have widened out the dendex strip so no need to take off your skis - but go slowly or you will brain yourself as there is nowhere to turn/slow!

A variety of rails/boxes ready or nearly ready in the Terrain Park, ranging from a short lowish flat rail to a quite lethal looking flat-down kinked rail. Massive kicker with six graduated take offs ranging from fairly benign (in relative terms) to more or less bonkers.

Very quite, great weather, get up there and play in the sun. More photos from the Top Basin and Park from H11lly in the Public Reports.
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