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CairnGorm Mountain // Sunday 12th April 2009
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Going up the Ciste Tow, still good cover in most of the Bowl.

View out to the Fiacaill Buttress from the top of the Traverse. Lots of distant snow for the very keen tourers.

Skiers at the top of the M1 heading for the Traverse.

The upper Cas is complete but narrow, but along with the 105 had the best of the spring snow.

Heading down the Traverse, nice and fast today with no problem reaching the Cas instead of going onto the 105.

C box rail in the Vans Terrain Park. Good shape after the Comp Sat.

Air of one of the various kickers in the Ptarmigan Bowl.

Experts only, the lethal (for skiers) kinked flat-down rail at the top of the Bowl.

Board slide on the wide flat-down-flat box rail.

Landing on the flat-down-flat box (well it was a box till the sides got taken off it).

Oops, early bail!

Mission aborted this time.

Skiers and boarders in the Ptarmigan Bowl near the foot of the T-bar.

Looking down the Ciste Tow track to the foot of the Fairway (just visible).

Plenty of snow around the Top Station and full length sledge park was popular today.

Never mind sand castles, come and build a snow castle!

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A lovely spring day on the 'Gorm with long sunny spells, though a bit more cloud bubbled up for a time in the afternoon the sun is shining once again over Coire Cas as this is typed. Spring is definitely in the air, this report is being typed while sitting on a boulder below the Cas Car Park!

For future reference for those who might want to work from 'home' on occasion next season, you can get almost full speed 3G/HSDPA connection on 3 around the car park to send those emails that make it look as if your working!

Back to the snow and the Top Basin runs are all complete with a generally still good cover, just the approach to the Ciste Tow from the Bowl is a bit round about, but easily passable. Fairway is still decent and the Ptarmigan Bowl and Traverse are wide.

Plenty areas for novices in and around the Ptarmigan Bowl and the Ciste Bowl gives a bit more gradient for spring snow carving for more confident riders. The Traverse and 105 are complete as is the upper Cas though narrow, but this despite the limited cover had great spring snow. Officially the Gunbarrel is closed, somebody walked down and put another hole in it - remember there is a stream under it and on skis the snow bridge might take your weight, but step off them and your taking a bath!

The terrain park is in good shape with 7 rails/boxes and a selection of graded take offs on the big kicker. With fine weather there's still plenty to enjoy, get up and have some spring snow turns in the sun before it's too late. Summer is long enough as it is.
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