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CairnGorm Mountain // Tuesday 16th June 2009
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Looking over the patch below the Tor back towards the Ciste Mhearaidh (out of sight).

Looking over the Tor patch, remains of previous Kicker evident!

Snow hole city in the Ciste Mhearaidh. Beyond the snout of the patch is a trail of burnt out night light candles....

Light at the end of tunnel !

Ciste Mhearaidh snow patch looking back up it.

Looking over the shorter steeper pitch, good profile for a kicker.

Last of the snow in the Ptarmigan Bowl. Rail Session in view of the Restaurant?

Last patch of snow lingering in the Marquis Well's snow field.

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Some photos of the remaining snow on CairnGorm Mountain from a walk about scoping out the condition of the snow fields over the back for the Summer Slide, up by the Ptarmigan Bowl over to the Ciste Mhearaidh then round to the patch below the Tor.

The Ciste Mhearaidh snow field is longer, but the one below the Tor has more vertical on the diagonal line, but not as much linear length straight down as last year or in 2005. Ciste Mhearaidh has a plenty length on the steeper pitch for a good kicker and some decent turns (it also has a track back up the side that provides much better traction than the steep wet grass by the Tor, ahem!)

Despite some unsettled weather for the remainder of the week, the forecast remains good for Saturday with a mostly if not completely dry day and good sunny spells, plus much lighter winds than the next couple of days. Thus the mid-summer slide is on for Sat 20th June.

The last funicular down is earlier this year, so in order to maximise time and not miss the train down the meeting point will be in the Ptarmigan Restaurant at 11am. The Windy Ridge path is shorter, but steeper and the route via the Traverse being much less rough so maybe easier going carrying skis.

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