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CairnGorm Mountain // Friday 3rd April 2009
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Piste Basher shoving snow down to the foot of the Gunbarrel on Friday evening.

M1 Poma uptrack on life support...

Looking down the foot of the Gunbarrel, a boarder walking down fell into the burn, may load from top of Gunbarrel on Sat.

Looking up the Gunbarrel. Top Zig Zag is fine, second leg passable, but snow very churned up, Gunbarrel better option.

Looking up the 105 and Coire Cas to the Headwall from Horizon Road.

Looking down the Traverse from the M1 RaceTrack.

M1 RaceTrack is complete, but there is a thin section just over the brow, go slow, then OK out through Horizon Road.

Boarder gets air of the Kicker in the Ptarmigan Bowl.

Looking down the kinked flat-down rail to the Kicker below.

Snow Ramp Ahead!

Rails and boxes in the Terrain Park on the Upper Ptarmigan.

Still wide cover of spring snow in the Ptarmigan Bowl.

Ciste Bowl still good, along with the mid-third of the Cas this was the best snow, good granular spring snow.

Top of the Ciste Tow and Trainer Tow looking to the Ptarmigan Traverse.

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Unbroken sunshine on CairnGorm all day, a firm start to the snow thanks to a slight ground frost on the mountain overnight has continued to the process of morphing the snow to granular spring snow and even off the pisted and more heavily used areas the snow was quicker today.

All Top Basin Runs are complete with a good cover of spring snow, there is a selection of rails, boxes and kickers in the Ptarmigan Terrain Park. West Wall Poma will run for the Fairway if demand over the weekend, but the track is gone lower down the Ciste.

Beyond the ski area the Plateau retains an extensive cover of spring snow with plenty of scope for high level touring. In the shade some of the North facing gully climbs remained firm through the day according to reports.

Unfortunately the fairly strong south wind was funnelling down Coire Cas creating a localised hair drier that just about did for the last 50yards of the Gunbarrel, however snow was shoved down at the end of the day to resuscitate the tow track. Above the foot of the M1 the Gunbarrel remains fine and the upper Cas is complete with decent riding on spring snow. A decision on whether to load the Cas at the bottom or top of the Gunbarrel will be taken in the morning.

The upper M1 RaceTrack is complete, but thin and rocky for a short bit which needs to be taken slowly, apart from that it's ok out via Horizon Road to the Cas and provides a bit more gradient.

Check the public reports for extra photos from CairnGorm from H11lly.
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