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CairnGorm Mountain // Sunday 19th April 2009
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Heading up the Ciste for the last time in the 2009 Season.

Bah humbug, the end of the line... Yesterday's hoofing caused blisters - time for new boots !

Looking down the Ciste Bowl, best snow of the Top Basin Runs with a bit more gradient and great granular spring snow to carve up.

Ptarmigan Traverse and Bowl viewed from the Ciste Bowl below the Ptarmigan Tow.

Short's and T-shirt skiing on the 'Gorm. :)

Perfect bluebird finale to the 2009 season for daily sliding.

Riding the phantom snow on the Ciste Fairway.....

View up the Ptarmigan Traverse from just outside the Top Station. Beautiful weather again today.

Rail slide in the Ptarmigan Terrain Park.

Action on the big kicker.

Skier about to pop out from a rail slide.

Boarder hits the flat-down-flat rail.

Going up...


...down the Battleship.

The only slightly dodgy bit at the bottom of the Ciste Bowl, due to hole, so patched up with a thin strip of snow bashed over the grass.

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The beautiful weather from Saturday held through the weekend as high pressure to the North dominated the weekend weather, so CairnGorm Mountain signed off with spring time T-shirt riding, just a few weeks too early though.

All Top Basin Runs remain complete with a still good cover on the Ptarmigan, both via the Traverse and the Terrain Park routes and the Bowl itself. The Ciste Bowl is complete and offered up good spring snow carving with that extra little bit of gradient that made all the diference. Just one narrow thin bit where an alternative route has been bashed out over the grass to avoid the stream. Fairway complete and in reasonable nick, but it got much softer than either the Ciste or Ptarmigan Bowls.

The Terrain Park is in good shape and not sure what the state of play is with it, check with the 'Gorm before hoofing up.

If your heading up on touring kit there is snow from the bottom of the top Zig Zag, there is a break to get onto the 105, but continious from there up the Traverse, Ptarmigan Traverse and Marquis Well to the top of the natural snow field there just shy of the Summit. The snow reaches high enough to just see the Summit AWS.

That would appear to be that then for the 2009 season, don't forget to visit the forums and post your MTB trip reports over the Summer. Though being Scotland there could be a blizzard next weekend, you just never know! Have a good Summer. :)
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