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CairnGorm Mountain // Sunday 29th March 2009
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Looking promising outside the Top Station, good sunny spells through the day.

Heading for the Top Basin from the Ptarmigan Restaurant. All top runs in superb shape with wide cover of machine packed powder.

Complete cover across the Ptarmigan Bowl. great snow.

Loaded fence lines on the Fairway, more drifting in on SW wind.

Ptarmigan Restaurant with it's winter plumage for the first day of British Summer Time.

Fun windblown powder bumps on the White Lady, a few icy patches away from the burn course and fences but easily avoidable.

The Zig Zags viewed from the White Lady. Piste bashers were bashing out the large drifts on the M1 RaceTrack later in the afternoon.

Looking up the Cas Gunbarrel, slightly banked but a good width for it. Zig Zags are fully complete for a gentler and longer alternative.

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A fantastic days riding on CairnGorm on Sunday with a mix of machine packed and fresh windblown powder to play in. The upper mountain is in fantastic shape with extensive cover across the Top Basin runs and good riding to the mid-station.

Top to Daylodge riding is possible via the Carpark Runs or Daylodge Run, but these are thin and narrow so take care below mid-station.

Traverse is loaded with the North wind piling snow onto Friday night and Saturday, motorway standard, but it was hard going today against the wind which was otherwise a tail wind constantly blowing in freshies off the Plateau. Cas side middle runs have all caught more snow with the drifting, the M1 had big drifts that were getting bashed out late afternoon. Zig Zags are fully complete and in good shape.

For experts the White Lady is complete again via the Skirt to the Mid Station, it is quite narrow in places but good sport down the burn course where the windblown fresh has accumulated.

For a longer blue the Fiacaill Traverse is complete, but big drifts which couldn't be seen in the blowing snow off the Headwall - was later posted closed due to visibility.

The M2 was pisted early Sunday but didn't open due to near whiteout conditions on the run and very strong cross winds hitting the West Wall Poma, but more snow was drifting in through the day to the M2 and from the direction a good bit should have been going onto the West Wall and into at least the upper Ciste Gully.

Some great riding if you didn't go up, you should have! Check Public Reports for more photos. Pix by Winterhighland.
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