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CairnGorm Mountain // Sunday 18th January 2009
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Boarding the Funicular at the mid-station to go back up are members of the All Weather Ski Club!

The 'view' up the 105 which had fresh windblown powder, but you often couldn't see the drifts. This is skiing by touch!

Heading for the Traverse in a clearer spell, fence lines between the Top Station and M1/Traverse split have loaded up.

Looking back across the M1 Poma to the Ptarmigan Restaurant in a brief clear spell.

The M1 RaceTrack has been scoured clear in places. Almost a viable line outside the fence, but it too was scouring down.

Exposed section of the M1 on the shoulder of the hill blasted clear despite the cross wind, fences having no effect on fine powder in this wind!

M1 uptrack is filling in much better than the run is, but the loading area is scoured clear and snow to powdery to stick in this wind if pushed down.

Looking up to the mid mountain. White Lady complete to mid-station with drifted windblown powder for experts.

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Another windy day with some further snow showers, but lots of blowing snow which kept tracks fresh on the available terrain. Uplift for the third day in a row was limited by the gusting wind to the Funicular with middle stops, though it is just possible to ski back to the Daylodge with care.

The overnight frontal precipitation band just brushed the Northern Cairngorms, around a couple of inches maybe a bit more suggested by the radar returns - however such was the wind it was impossible to say just what fell.

The snow is also fine and powdery and given the strength of the wind not much stuck in exposed fence lines even where the wind was blowing across the fences.Deeper natural terrain features faired better and the Gunbarrel has improved vastly. White Lady also offering good sport on windblown and windpacked powder for experts.

Impossible to tell how the Ciste is fairing as the gully was filled with blowing snow meaning the ground could not be seen from below, hopefully this bodes well that it's trapping a fair bit of the snow the fences couldn't.
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