pix from the slopes // cairngorm mountain
CairnGorm Mountain // Sunday 15th February 2009
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Skier gets ready to hit the Cas.

Looking down the full width White Lady, great sport for advanced riders.

Off piste riding on the East Lady, still wide expanse but more rocks showing as snow packs down.

Looking back to the Traverse from the top of Coire Cas T-bar. Can take many lines off and above the Traverse.

Funicular heads for the tunnel with another load, viewed from the direct route onto the White Lady proper.

Funicular underpass to/from Daylodge Poma. Can ski off Burnside or Home Road to DLP, then use WWP to lap the White Lady.

Looking up the Summit Path, the markers buried for a good stretch. Good off-piste cover above the Traverse.

The top of the Ptarmigan Tow, full cover across the upper mountain with fences buried.

Snow castle mound / play area outside the Top Station of the Funicular.

Daylodge Poma looking up from the bottom. Lower third getting thin and worn with bare patches developing, better cover outwith the fences but a bit crusty.

Looking up Coire Cas from outside the DayLodge. Still extensive cover across the mountain.

The foot of the M2 from the top of the Daylodge Poma. Got much busier when the West Wall Poma opened.

Heading down the Daylodge Poma Run, good cover top half, thinning out lower down.

Looking over the Daylodge Poma to the Northern Corries, Lurcher's Gully to the distant right.

All lower slopes complete, mostly good cover on the Sheiling area, just a few thin bits. White Lady, M1` and Cas beyond.

Looking up the Fiacaill Ridge from near the foot of the Poma.

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All runs remain complete with extensive cover across much of the mountain. A slow thaw continues on the lower slopes, while snow continues to consolidate on the upper and mid mountain levels.

Most runs retain a good depth and width of cover, with all runs to the Cas Carparks complete. Only run suffering in the milder air so far is the Daylodge Poma Run which is getting thin and worn lower down, but still plenty of cover outwith the fences for alternative lines.

Still good cover for steep unpisted sport on the East Lady which was seeing a fair bit of action and once opened also on the West Wall, East Wall and in the Ciste Gully. Lower reaches of Coronation Wall above the Traverse also seeing action. Can drop of the Traverse at various gaps for short cuts.

White Lady is in fantastic shape, quite firm grippy snow with a loosening surface on Sunday giving great sport for advanced riders, can ski out the bottom of the White Lady and head down the Home Road and use the DLP and WWP to return to the top, beat the big M1 Poma queues early to mid afternoon Sunday.

Good skiers/boarders confident in variable off-piste snow can return to the Ciste Carpark on snow, the Aonach Ridge is skiable, though not as extensive cover as last weekend, better cover via Coire Laogh Mor which gives a long sweeping run back to the Ciste Car Park via the Laogh Mor Return fences.
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