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CairnGorm Mountain // Tuesday 27th January 2009
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Heading out the Fiacaill Traverse, bit of uphill required to make it the full length of the Traverse to get here though.

Fenced Terrain Park area on the Fiacaill has filled up well and is your personal corduroy playground as few are heading out here.

View down the Ciste Fairway, not hugely wide lower down, but each fence line is complete.

With lighter and not Southerly winds it was possible to get down the Traverse today without coming to a halt!

Gunbarrel is now fairly flat for most of it's length and has slowly continued to fill as drifting continues.

The White Lady is offering great sport, machine packed powder by the fences and loose dry snow with small moguls on skiers right in the burn course.

Upper White Lady by the Elephant fences, fortunately no elephants were marauding about the hill today so it was quite safe to ski here.

M1 Side Track bashed out to two machines width with machine packed powder, sweet snow for short radius turns.

The view to the wind scoured and incomplete M2 from the Ciste Fairway. West Wall Poma track is blown clear by the top of the Chairlift.

Top Basin is in fine shape with nice mid-winter pisted dry snow for those looking for green runs. Looking to the Top Station down the Ptarmigan Traverse.

Filed under a case for snowmaking! South winds fill the Lady and Gunbarrel but don't do much for the top of the Cas. Mid section narrow in relative terms for the Cas, but great snow.

New signage sitting outside the Top Station.

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A dry but hazy day with some brighter spells on CairnGorm Mountain with some great riding for all ability levels.

Lift served sliding remains confined to the Cas side and Top Basin, but the Carpark and Fiacaill Ridge Pomas are able to run now. Fiacaill Ridge was running Tuesday and both can run if demand.

Good quality Top to Daylodge riding offers 1650ft of vertical suitable for early intermediates up as it can all be done on greens and a short section of easy blue terrain by hitting the Traverse at the top of the Ptarmigan Tow and sweeping down into Coire Cas, then the 105 and either the Zig Zags, Chicken Gully or the Cas Gunbarrel which is fairly flat now.

White Lady is the pick of the mountain at present and offering great sport for more advanced riders, as is the M1 SideTrack (between poma and Funicular) and there is good cover on the links back to the M1 Poma. M1 RaceTrack remains wind scoured though slowly starting to refill.

The top of the West Wall Poma track is scoured around the top of the Chairlift, machines have moved some snow onto this, but substantial gap requiring plugged that may have to wait for more snow to fall or drift in. It's all that's preventing the Ciste Gully and West Wall from opening, and if the WWP could open along with the Daylodge Poma and OverYonder it would provide alternative uplift for the Cas side for advanced riders.

Thanks to H11lly for the photos. If you have been out send your photos to pix2009@winterhighland.info .
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