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CairnGorm Mountain // Saturday 18th April 2009
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The seasons are a changing, a bit to early after last years April dumps!

Who needs wings when you have kickers?

Still plenty of the white stuff in the Ptarmigan Bowl. Where are the skiers?

Rider hits the battleship during Dawn of the Shred.

Point Five Gully just coming out of shadow in Sneachda.

Not much wind to measure, a flat clam on the roof of the Summit AWS Hut this lunchtime.

Beyond the 'Gorm Summit there is still extensive snow fields for high level touring on the Plateau.

Sweet spring turns ahead in the Marquis Well's snow field. Skied from just short of the summit to level with the foot of the M1 Poma.

More kicker action in the comp.

Taking flight of the big booter.

More trickery in the park.

A plug for the sponsors...

Boarders, always trying to show off their graphics!

Looking up the Ptarmigan Tow to the top of the Terrain Park and perfect blue sky.

Doesn't get any better for having a comp than this.

Now to get the piper cutter out and shape that heap! The Traverse and 105 had beautiful recently groomed spring snow.

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With CairnGorm Mountain basking under blazing unbroken sunshine for the Vans Dawn of the Shred III competition, here is an extra set of photos from this afternoon on the 'Gorm to compliment those taken earlier in the morning.

A hoof up to the Summit where it was positively sunbathing weather on the roof the AWS Hut shows there is still extensive snow fields up on the Plateau for high level touring. There is some gully possibilities in Sneachda, but a long walk out and serious run-outs into the boulder fields to consider. Beyond in the distance there is massive amounts of snow still over on Braeriach and the Western Plateau areas.

All Top Basin runs remain complete with good granular spring snow. tending to start firm but quickly loosen. Ptarmigan Bowl still generally wide, the Ciste Bowl is wide at the top but does have a narrow section just before you traverse over to the T-bar. Ciste Fairway still in decent nick also.

The sledge park is in good shape and full length, looked quite popular today, it will close with the skiing.

Good skiers and boarders prepared to walk out the Home Road can still ski the Traverse and 105 and get most of the way to the crossover from the Zig Zags - the bottom section of the Gunbarrel is paper thin so don't try to force your way all the way down, you will take an early bath. As the big green sign says "Train not middle stopping", but it was worth the hoof in todays weather. If you walk up to the Marquis Well you can still get in about 1400ft of vertical.

If tomorrow is indeed the last day of lift served sliding (it will also be the last of the sledge park), then its shaping up to be a superb blue sky day, if the weather holds as forecast to simply don't miss out one last chance to slide.
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