pix from the slopes // cairngorm mountain
CairnGorm Mountain // Thursday 22nd January 2009
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Drifting snow gives windblown powder on much of the mountain. Looking past the M1 Poma from the Top Station.

Piste Bashers coming down the M1 SideTrack, drifting on less severe winds has filled in the scoured bits, now machine packed powder out to 2 machine widths.

The M1 SideTrack looking down from the White Lady funicular underpass. Both have great snow, Lady is wider, but SideTrack perfect for working on those short turns!

White Lady lives up to it's name, largely full width with fantastic wind blown powder. The 'Skirt' cut back to the M1 is pisted, Lady proper complete to mid-station and Home Road.

Wind packed fresh on the uppermost part of the M1 SideTrack, on route to the White Lady.

Top Basin from outside the Top Station. Top tows off due to wind Thursday, but less strong winds forecast for Sat.

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Overnight into Thursday a warm sector passed over that brought further frontal snow. The FL rose close to the top briefly meaning snow became wet with a slight thaw/freeze cycle on the lower mountain.

As temps fell back and snow showers continued, with further drifting of loose snow of the tops into the Ski Area the runs regained their cover of windblown powder giving fantastic riding on the White Lady for more advanced skiers and boarders, who'll also find the M1 SideTrack also good fun.

A long cruise from the top to the middle via the Traverse, 105/Cas then Gunbarrel, Zig Zags or Chicken Gully. Top of the upper Cas is still quite narrow due to the wind direction, but mid section widening slowly and the Gunbarrel is vastly improved since earlier this month.

Top to Daylodge riding is possible via the Carpark Runs, the Burnside option is best on the lower portion, but do go slowly and take care as the cover is thin and narrow in places. Careful slow riding will cause less ware to the cover too!

More snow showers, possibly merging for a while expected Friday with further drifting into the main runs. Wind easing for Saturday with fewer showers and more sunny spells. Looking like a fantastic early season January weekend day. Get up there!

Thanks to H11lly for the photos. If you have been out please send photos to pix2009@winterhighland.info
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