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CairnGorm Mountain // Tuesday 17th February 2009
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Looking up Burnside from the lower Cas car park to the White Lady, M1 and Coire Cas.

The lower Zig Zag, all four legs remain in good shape for those wanting to avoid the Gunbarrel. Chicken Gully through the top 2 legs also complete.

The Cas still remains fairly wide for the most part, snow slowly becoming more granular and spring like on the main run, but sticky and slow further out from the tow.

Looking over the Fiacaill Ridge from DLP. Very narrow, need to use the up-track in bits, but easy to turn on granular spring snow. Still just possible to get down this way from the M2 with care.

The M2 looking towards Meall a' Bhuachaille beyond Glenmore. M2 complete, but narrowing with bare areas developing. Good granular spring snow, fast and easy to turn on.

Looking over the Carpark Run and T-bar towards the Daylodge shortly after 5pm.

Fiacaill Ridge Poma still going after 5pm, light starting to fade as dusk comes in.

Heading for home via the Burnside, a few thin patches but easily skiable. The direct line back to the T-bar involves burn hoping and possibilities for practising pond skimming!

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For additional photos from the Ciste, Top Basin and White Lady visit the Public Reports.

Most main runs remain complete despite the thaw, but snow is continuing to thaw steadily. All Top Basin and mid mountain Cas side runs complete with a generally decent cover. Where pisted and in heavier traffic areas surface conditions are starting to improve again as the snow slowly morphs into granular spring snow. Less trafficed areas and such as the Fiacaill Ridge and off-piste the snow remains wet, sticky and slow going.

Carpark Runs remain complete but are thin and narrow in places, look out for areas of standing and running water, with opportunities to practice pond skimming! The M2 is complete but has bare areas opening up so is narrow in places, but the snow was pleasant granular spring snow. Daylodge run very narrow and broken lower down, but still just passable with use of the uptrack in places.

Overyonder is complete to the West Wall Poma but worn at the Aonach Crossover. The fenced run by the WWP is narrow and thin. West and East Walls are currently closed, but the Ciste Gully is in good shape with the snow there also now starting to improve and become more granular and spring like. East Lady is patchy, there are do-able lines, but the snow is very wet and heavy.

Terrain Park is open when visibility allows. There is a mix of rails and boxes from low flat boxes, to a fairly lethal flat-down kinked rail, at least 5 features in place. Too misty this afternoon to get any photos of the features.

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