pix from the slopes // cairngorm mountain
CairnGorm Mountain // Sunday 8th January 2006
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There are some decent sized old snowfields on Southern Aspects and across the Plateau.

Looks good, but very hard underneath the fresh dusting.

Who thought it would be a good idea to build a ski area on the North Facing slopes??

Another cold blue sky day over CairnGorm Mountain... but not really what we need just now!

A superb day, looking around the rim of Northern Corries, over Coire Raiberit to Macdui in the distance.

Another view over the Southern Snowfields on CairnGorm.

The Summit AWS Mast makes appears into view.

The path to the Snow on CairnGorm Mountain is unfortunately the path out of the Ski Area!

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This looks like perfect snowsports weather, cold, crisp, blue skies, there's even snow... alas there is still a fair amount of snow on CairnGorm Mountain, but the snow is on one side, and the Snowsports Area is on the other!

High up in the Cairngorms there are sizeable snowfields to be found on the Plateau, esp on southern aspects, but under the thin dusting the snow is very hard, so probably not actually as good for slide as it looks, but it wouldn't take much to offer up some decent touring options.

It wouldn't take much... we sound like a stuck record saying that! But it's the truth, it wouldn't take much new snow at all to get some lifts running on the 'Gorm again, but that's were we've been since the lifts stopped turning after the mild spell in the second week of December. There has been virtually no real change in snow cover for better or worse in that time.

Cold enough, with the ground frozen, but just not snowing enough... it's frustrating, and for the ski areas who had piles of snow at the start of December it's heartbreaking. A bit more freeze thaw, and bit less cold, cold, massive thaw in early December, and whatever was left would have come right through the festive holidays. Arghhhhhh..... but at least it's NOT been mild!

Thanks to Helen for Sunday's photos, and if you've been out please send us your digital photos to pix@winterhighland.com and help keep the PixfromtheSlopes as up to date as possible.
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