pix from the slopes // cairngorm mountain
CairnGorm Mountain // Wednesday 7th December 2005
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View down a loaded upper M2.

Heading for the M1 Poma via the 105, excellent on Wed, fresh windblown snow on a firm quick base.

Across the East Lady towards Loch Morlich, still excellent off-piste on the upper reaches of the East Lady.

On Route to the Lady (or Traverse) via the M1 SideTrack.

M2 is narrow from top of Aonach to top of Daylodge, was badly scoured in the storm, and machines have done an excellent job of bashing out big drifts to make a run.

Going up the Ciste Tow, open for the first time this season. Fairway thin at bottom, watch out for the odd rock.

Pure Blue.... on The Daylodge Run.

Burried fence on the upper M2.

Lurchers Gully from the Daylodge Poma Run.

Making tracks for the White Lady!

Loch Morlich from near the top of the Lady Tow.

The Ptarmigan with it's winter coat on.

Tempting, but the snow was too good today!

The mountain from the Carpark Run (not recommended but still do-able just!)

Lady is narrower and a bit choppy on the bottom third, but worth it for the top. Stick by tow side of burn was the rule on Wed.

The Upper Lady by the half submerged elephant fence! Superb, fresh windblown powdery snow on the top!

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A superb day at the 'Gorm on Wednesday, and if you can get up there on Thursday another cracking day is in prospect, though there may be a bit more cloud, and the outside chance of a snow flurry.

The upper mountain is superb, good wide cover of fresh slightly windblown powdery snow overlying a firm base, giving great learning areas in the Ptarmigan Bowl, and moderate off-piste from the Ptarmigan Tow, anywhere on the upper reaches of the East Wall, just make sure you don't go to far for down the ridge for returning to the Ciste or Ptarmigan Tows.

From the Top Basin, there is a good route for intermediates up via the Traverse and 105 to the M1 Poma, or onto the Mid Cas then through the Zig Zags for the funicular. If heading for the M1 Poma, stay on the 105 all the way for the easiest access. M1 Poma is easily accessible from the White Lady, though the lower third is slightly narrow in bits and a bit chopped up, it's well worth it because the top half of the Lady is simply beautiful (don't twist that!).

All routes onto the Lady are good, but the best one is to leave the M1 Poma to the left and onto the M1 SideTrack, but turn right and traverse along right under the Ptarmigan Restaurant viewing terrace to get to the top of the Lady T-bar, then follow the direct route down the tow to the Lady proper, superb fresh windblown powder giving fresh tracks every time on Wednesday afternoon!

There is still off-piste for experts on the upper reaches of the East Lady, great snow, further out and lower down a bit of care is required, but it's still possible to go quite far out and get a line back to the M1. For an easier off-piste warm up try above or below the Traverse.

Finally M2 and Daylodge Poma is the way to go for getting back to the Daylodge, but it is hardpacked on the steeper bit below the Aonach Poma. Carpark runs are do-able by experts, but really not advised. Stick above mid-station and there's no need for the rock hoppers even though its still very early season. Get up there while the snow and weather holds, going tropical at the weekend! Sorry!
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