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Glencoe // Saturday 25th February 2006
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Looking up the Gully of the lower portion of the Top Tows, it's not unknown for these lifts to be almost buried!

Top Button and Main Basin T-bar.

Heading away from the fence to find softer snow on Mugs Alley.

Top of Mugs Alley.

Lack of depth on the uptrack is making it difficult for boarders esp. Some were choosing to walk up the Plateau path to the chair.

The Haggis Trap is more formidable than usual!

Top of the Top Tows!

View up Mid Section of Mugs Alley, packed snow means you can see and avoid the rocks!

Top of Mugs Alley is sketchy, but mostly you can pick a route to avoid the rocks.

Plateau Poma run is complete, but firm to hardpacked, last 50yards is fairly sketchy,

The Plateau Poma, reasonable at top, but thin, narrow and worn at bottom.

Bottom of the Plateau Run, caution required!

No really there is....

Meall a' Bhuiridh.

At the top of the Main Basin.

Top of the Main Basin.

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Good overhead conditions made for a decent day's sport on Meall a' Bhuiridh on Saturday, but the mountain is a story of two halves, the best conditions on the Upper Mountain. The middle area served by the Cliffy Chair has thinner cover, with worn, icy and rocky sections. Mugs Alley is skiable, but care is required in places, but with the snow now packed down on the whole rocks are visible and you can pick a route around them.

The Main Basin, Happy Valley and Etive Glades are offering the best sport, and have the best cover, with bumps forming on the Main Basin. The Haggis Trap has hardly filled due to not much drifting so presents even more interest value than usual! Boarders are strongly advised to use the T-bar at the Top unless experts, the button uptrack has a significant cross gradient.

The Plateau Run is complete and in better condition than Mugs Alley, though the bottom 50yards or so is thin and worn. Thanks to Steven McKenna for these photos from Glencoe, most were from Saturday but some additional photos from Sunday are included. Please send your photos to pix@winterhighland.com and remember you can also post your own reports and upload photos directly to our Public Reports Server.
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