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CairnGorm Mountain // Friday 10th March 2006
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The Traverse is loaded with a full fence depth of snow.

M2 has good cover between the fences, upper Daylodge good, but narrow low down.

Skier on the White Lady.

Looking down the lower slopes, good cover between fences on the Sheiling, but bottom of burnside option thin and worn.

Looking down the M1 Race Tracks.

Looking across Coire Cas from the Fiacaill, Fiacaill Traverse pisted.

M2 Daylodge combo mostly good, till lower third of Daylodge then narrow/thin.

Coire Cas.

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Fluctuating temperatures over recent days has brought around some repeated thaw/freeze cycling, and while there has been some snow loss from lower parts leaving the bottom end of the Carpark Runs and Daylodge thin/narrow, elsewhere there is now a much more consolidated base. The Upper and mid mountain runs, and indeed the upper half of the lower slopes retain a generally good cover.

Snow is hard packed with icy patches under a covering of drifting fresh snow, and the best snow was to be found on the 105 and Cas, and the M2 and upper 2/3rds of the Daylodge on Friday. M2/Daylodge is best route down to the Base Station for experts, but it is narrow at the bottom. Still a decent cover around the Sheiling, but the Carpark Runs are worn and narrow as you near the Daylodge.

For beginners excellent cover in the Top Basin, and plenty of areas around the Sheiling if you want to stay lower down. Good sport for experts on the M1 and the Lady, but sharp edges help! The compaction of the snow pack though has exposed many more rocky areas on the off-piste terrain such as the East Lady.

Thanks to Helen Rennie for Fridays photos from CairnGorm. Please send your photos to pix@winterhighland.com.
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