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CairnGorm Mountain // Saturday 3rd December 2005
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Looking down the lower half of the White Lady where the run narrows, stick by the fence or in the burn course for deeper snow.

Wide cover on the upper Lady, which can be accessed via the M1 SideTrack and under the funicular as here, or from the M2 via the upper East Lady.

M1 Poma track is thin, pay attention as there are rocks poking through.

Upper Cas looks the part, good cover on the top third, narrowing lower down though.

Looking down the Daylodge Poma, bare sections have opened up making the steeper pitches narrower, but the best route to Daylodge.

Skinning up the Daylodge Poma.

The M2 is well pisted, full width higher up, the section from the Aonach to Daylodge Poma is narrow, the machines have bashed out the deep drifts to give a complete run.

M2 is mostly full width above the Aonach Poma, good early season sport.

Carpark Run is becoming narrower and patchy as a slow thaw at base level continues to gradually expand the bare bits, but still do-able with care.

Boarder heads onto the Zig Zags.

Mid section of Coire Cas has reasonable snow, but is narrow due to the way the snow drifted on North winds.

Piste Basher comes into view preparing the Cas up-track.

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Slightly lower temperatures means the thaw had abated on all but the bottom end of the lower runs on Saturday, with the upper mountain receiving fresh snow in the form of showers. With a summit temperature of -2°c showers are likely to be of snow from at least the mid-station up, possibly slightly lower overnight.

The Ptarmigan Bowl, and in elevation terms the upper half of the middle slopes have a generally good cover, giving some decent early sport, esp when you consider it's only the start of December. With the snow having undergone consolidation thanks to thaw/freeze cycling there is now the start of a base, but ideally we need temps to drop more to firm up what's left on the lower slopes.

Still top to Daylodge riding available, with the M2 and Daylodge providing a decent prepared run back to base, though there are a few narrower sections on steeper pitches where the piste machines have had to bash out deep drifts to give a machine width run across otherwise scoured areas.

The funicular was doing mid-station stops on Saturday, but it is still possible to ski to the Daylodge via the Carpark Run with care, but it's narrow and patchy towards the Daylodge.

For learning there is good nursery areas available in the Ptarmigan Bowl. Thanks to Helen Rennie for today's photos.
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