pix from the slopes // cairngorm mountain
CairnGorm Mountain // Saturday 10th December 2005
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The M2 is a full width run to nowhere unfortunately.

Looking down the patchy Daylodge Poma Run.

Boarders on the Coire Cas.

Looking across the 105 to the Upper Cas from below the Traverse.

View down the Traverse.

The top of the Traverse by the M1 Poma.

View across the Northern Corries.

The T-bars on the Ciste Tow suggest a bit of a breeze!

Between melt and compaction, the thickness of the snowpack has reduced by over half a fence height in places. What comes through will be solid!

The Ptarmigan Bowl. No uplift due to high cross winds.

Only small patches remain on the Carpark Run.

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A very mild day on Saturday, with summit temperatures of +9°c, and you didn't need to go much lower to find double digit temps, so a continuing rapid thaw is in progress. The one bit of good news though is that Saturday was dry, and the remaining snow pack is now much denser and more compacted, which will in itself slightly slow the progress of the thaw.

Providing the thaw does start to ease off during Sunday with a re-freeze to follow as forecast, what remains though drastically reduced in area, will give the all important rock solid base in some critical areas, the burn course on the Cas and the upper reaches of the Ciste Gully in the Top Basin, and much of the White Lady for example, and in these area's getting the initial base to stick is more than half the battle. So don't despair, while the excellent conditions of mid-week are gone for now, we could still come out of this set-up well for future cold periods, and remember this time last year we had a total of zero days compared to 15days this year!

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