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Glenshee // Tuesday 29th November 2005
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The view towards Carn Aosda from Butcharts.

The view from Butcharts across Sunnyside and Meall Odhar beyond.

The tracks say it all, notice the Cornice at the top.

Fences at the top of Butcharts nearly buried

The Sunnyside Uptrack is loaded with snow!

View to the A93 from high on Carn Aosda.

Off-piste riding round the flank of Carn Aosda.

Hiking to the flank of Carn Aosda. Check the drift out!

Thats nearly all folks, Carn Aosda T-bar doing its stuff in the late autumn twilight.

View up Carn Aosda from the Carpark late in the day.

Brightening up over the Gorms.

Butcharts Access Poma loaded with snow, and under blue sky in the afternoon.

More snow, more tracks!

Blue Sky and Sun, loads of fresh snow, Glenshee in November...

Sunset over the Gorms.

Dropping in to Butcharts Coire.

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The Sun came out as skies cleared later in the day, and a great early season day ended at Glenshee with the Carn Aosda T-bar opening up to give direct access to some great twilight riding.

With howling North winds prior to and into the first part of last weekend, Southern aspects are loaded with snow, indeed Carn Aosda and Butchart's have some of the best cover they have had for a number of seasons, with plenty of scope for off-piste.

Sunnyside is worth a look too, good depth and width between the fences which are aligned just right to catch snow on North (or South) winds, indeed it's been a while since the Sunnyside up-track has been as well filled as this.

Thanks to Craig Rutherford and 'Bobbyboarder' for today's photos from Glenshee. Please send your photos to pix@winterhighland.com .
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