pix from the slopes // cairngorm mountain
CairnGorm Mountain // Monday 6th March 2006
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High on CairnGorm Mountain, climbers below on Cas Headwall.

High above the Traverse, looking down to the Lower Slopes and Loch Morlich beyond.

Off piste powder on the East Lady!

Climbers on the Cas Headwall.

Upper cas from the end of the Traverse.

Coire Cas and the Traverse from Fiacaill, you can ski anywhere between Traverse, M1 and the Cas.

Helicopter brings supplies and de-icing equipment to the stranded copter!

New kicker above the Ptarmigan.

Tracks in the Powder, the Aonach is offering some of the best sport for experts, shame about the Poma!

The M2 is excellent with machine/skier packed powder.

Fitters haul the cable back in line after a miss-load causes derailment.. respect the lifts and know how to use them properly!

View down the M2 from near top of Aonach Poma.

Ciste Fairway provides an excellent next step after the beginner areas in the Ptarmigan Bowl.

Some yellow thing in Sneachda!

Stranded helicopter from top of Fiacaill Run.

Looking down on the Ptarmigan and Top Station from above.

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On Monday the snow showers eased, the cloud broke up and blue sky and the sun made an appearance to reveal the full extent of the transformation the last week has brought on CairnGorm Mountain...

On Monday it was possible to ski and ride just about anywhere on the mountain, with lots of superb off-piste opportunities for experts. From the East Lady, to Coronation Wall and just about anywhere in between. On piste the Aonach is superb and offering one of the best runs on the mountain with a mix of powder and skier packed powder in the heavier trafficked parts of the Bowl.

Not much else to say, the photos pretty much say it all... However we have a video of riding the East Lady well out beyond the Hut Route, in the mega boulder fields that towers above the Lower Home Road click to view.

Thanks to Helen Rennie and 'bobbyboarder '. Please send your photos to pix@winterhighland.com .
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