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Nevis Range // Saturday 18th February 2006
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View to Ben from Summit.

Boarder on the Summit Runs.

Top Station from Upper Warrens.

Actually it's the Ski Patrol being lowered to a 200ft leader fall.

A zoom in!

The Summit Cornice.

Looking up the Goose from the Quad Chair.

Heading to the Goose via to of Quad Chair.

No Speed Boats then!!

Goose T-bar in action.

Snowgoose Quad.

Chairlift runs from the Chair, looking up towards Goose Gully.

Bottom of the Goose.

View up Goose Gully from the foot of the Chairlift.

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While Nevis Range probably didn't catch quite as much snow as Glencoe, the terrain means the lack of base is slightly less of an issue. The best conditions are on the Summit where there is something of a base and greater depth, but elsewhere there was some good sport to be had with no queuing, but there are rocks to avoid. That said those who were out on Saturday had a great day with fine weather to go along with the new snow.

Possible to ski from top to bottom via the Goose and Fairway under the Quad Chair, or from the top of Warrens back via the Rabbit Run. Warren's was reported to be giving excellent sport on Saturday, but there is less depth than the summit, so be on the look out for base trashing pointy hard things.

There are areas suitable for beginners near the Top of the Gondola and the rope tow is operating along with one of the beginner button tows, there is also areas for sledging by the Top Gondola Station.

Saturday's photos from Nevis Range, from Chris Hawkes and George Paton. Please send your photos to pix@winterhighland.com, also remember you can post your own reports and photos via our new public reports server.
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