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Glenshee // Sunday 5th March 2006
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Without the Meall Odhar T-bar and Caenlochan Poma, Meall Odhar was the week link in the chain to Coire Fionn resulting in a hudge queue.

Sunnyside Runs.

Looking over to Cairnwell Race Tracks and Butchart's Coire.

Carn Aosda from near the top of the Corrour Poma

Boarders riding the Fionn Pomas.

Laying tracks out on Glas Maol for those prepared to hike for more freshies.

Looking over Coire Fionn Pomas to Glas Maol.

Burried fences and packed powder!

Decision time at the top of Meall Odhar/Coire Fionn Pomas.

Top of Meall Odhar, Cairnwell Race Tracks distant centre, Clunny, Tom Dearg and top of Sunnyside Pomas closer.

Carn Aosda from the Home Run out of Coire Fionn.

Meall Odhar and Coire Fionn Pomas doing their stuff.

Meall Odhar Poma.

Beginner areas on the Dink Dink Poma.

Learning on the Dink Dink.

View from the (completely) full car park.

Tiger area lacks snow being at the Southern end of the area, but the direct fenced line adjcent to the T-bar is doable but narrow.

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While not as much snow on areas like Sunnyside and the Cluny area as in November, much more terrain was available with excellent packed powdery conditions on piste, with powder off-piste to be found on Carn Aosda, and for those prepared to hike further out on Glas Maol.

The best sport was to be found on the fenced Red Run by the Coire Fionn Pomas, up in Butchart's Coire on the Cairnwell side, and off-piste on Carn Aosda. Sadly the Glas Maol Poma didn't run, probably requires more depth on the up-track, but Centre Gully is complete so fingers crossed!

A very busy weekend it has to be set, the car parks were completely full on Sunday, and Nadics website reported that people were being turned around on the A93 by the afternoon! Things should be more sane on Monday, allowing a vast milage to be clocked up enjoying excellent sport cruising around Glenshee's extensive piste network.

These photos from Nigel Webber, additional photos from Glenshee can be found on our Public Reports Server. Please send your photos to pix@winterhighland.com .
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