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The Lecht // Saturday 3rd December 2005
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Patchy Falcon from a much snowier Buzzard.

Skier on the Tomintoul side of the Buzzard, still some off-piste turns possible, but snow has a crust.

Buzzard runs from the Poma.

Eagle Poma and central run which is full width between the fences.

View down the Eagle Run.

Buzzard Poma and runs seen through the mist on other side of Valley, Osprey Poma in foreground.

Looking across the Osprey to Buzzard. Return from top of Buzzard to Base Lodge has good cover outside the fence line (see right of pic).

A few bare patches have opened up on the Eagle, but easily avoidable.

Going up the Eagle Poma.

Grouse Poma and runs, Snowy Owl run to right.

Looking across a quiet carpark to the Eagle Pomas.

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Most main runs at the Lecht remain complete despite several days of thawing. Though each run has some bare areas which have opened up there is still a mostly good width between the fences on the open runs and the thaw has abated, and the Lecht escaped the worst of Friday evenings rain which hit the North East.

The remaining snow pack has undergone much needed consolidation to lay down the foundations for an early season base and having firmed up overnight, surface conditions have actually improved somewhat again with the snow less sticky, and now firmer and quicker.

Best runs are the Snowy Owl and Tomintoul side of the Buzzard, the central Buzzard pistes are good higher up, but as they turn in towards the Poma the cover thins and they are worn, the far out fence line on the Buzzard that takes you back to opposite the Base Lodge has good cover outside the fence. Scope for limited off-piste beyond the Buzzard fences, some granular snow, but also some crusty snow.

Still ample nursery areas around the Base Lodge, and the Osprey Poma provides a good next step up.

Thanks to 'Telemarker' (who notched up over 20runs on the Buzzard alone this afternoon, some 10,000feet of vertical) for today's photos. Please send your photos to pix@winterhighland.com .
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