pix from the slopes // cairngorm mountain
CairnGorm Mountain // Sunday 27th November 2005
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Looking down the Daylodge Poma to the Carpark.

View back up the loaded Daylodge Poma Run, full width and a good depth between the fences.

Guys you forgot the lights on the tree....

Looking up the Lady and T-bar-less tow.

Piste basher attempts to dig out the Kasboherer Garage under the Ptarmigan.

Lovely view... We're told it's the Ciste Tow, don't think we can argue!

Going up the Home Road.

Funicular appears from the mist.

Fiacaill Ridge Poma from the Carpark.

Piste Basher has succedded in escaping from the Ptarmigan!

Top Station already half buried on the South side!

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CairnGorm Mountain kicked off their 2006 season in a rather low key manor, just the Funicular operating put the 'Gorm at the bottom of the lifts open league for the 3 Eastern areas, but at the top of the Vertical Descent league, with the full Cas Side descent of 1450ft. Officially the route down is the tried and trusted route down the Traverse, the 105, then into/across Coire Cas and through the Zig Zags before heading down to the Base Station.

Elsewhere though, the M1, the White Lady, the East Lady, the M2 and the Daylodge Poma Run are complete, and while there is off-piste do-able on the East Lady, remember this is a boulder field, and there's no base under the recent snow so look out if venturing there!

Other runs are filling in and are continuing to do so slowly as snow continues to drift around. Overhead conditions are slowly becoming more settled, though there could still be some snow showers on Monday, sunny spells are also expected.

The M1 Poma and Ptarmigan Tow should be on stream in a couple of days or so, but for now uplift is limited to the funicular. You'll get more mileage at the Lecht or Glenshee on Monday, so if you have a couple of days to go riding next week, perhaps pick one of them early on, and leave the 'Gorm for later in the week.

Thanks to George Paton and Doug Byrce for the photos from the Gorm today. Also a thanks to George for extra photos from the Lecht, and to Steve, Pete and 'twintipper' for the Glenshee pics.

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