pix from the slopes // cairngorm mountain
CairnGorm Mountain // Friday 28th April 2006
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Looking up the Ciste. M2/Overyonder still there, but uptrack broken at bottom.

View down the M1, Lady is better bet complete to bottom.

Looking down the 105.

Still complete Ciste Gully and lower West Wall. What's needed is a Chairlift....

Gunbarrel narrow but complete. One problem on the Cas Track, but fixable.

Boarder tackles the bumps on the Lady!

View up the White Lady from the Mid Station.

Coire Cas is complete, wide at top, narrow in the middle.

Looking down the mid third of the Cas.

The Traverse and Upper Cas remain loaded.

Still good wide cover in the Ptarmigan Bowl. Excellent areas for learning.

Ciste Fairway is still in decent nick, mostly full width.

The upper Ciste Gully offers more gradient than the fairway.

The Ptarmigan Traverse.

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Though there has been snow loss in steady thaw this past week there remains good spring snow sport in the Top Basin and on some of the middle slopes back to the Mid Station. Best cover is in the Ptarmigan Bowl and on the Ciste Tow runs, but there remains a decent run down to the middle via the Traverse and Coire Cas. The Upper Cas remains wide, but from just above the Gunbarrel the run is narrowing, but still fully complete to the middle. Best sport for Experts is the White Lady, though narrowing in places lower down, this should just help build bigger spring snow bumps, so expect some great fun spring sport in the Sun this weekend.

It's still possible to get most of the way to the Daylodge via the Fiacaill Ridge for those who are determined, but you will need to take your plank(s) off on occasion to link the patches. Over in the Ciste the Gully and lower West Wall remain complete, but the uptrack on the Poma is broken. Worth it for those with touring kit that can skin out, either via OverYonder and the M2 or via the gully.

Thanks to Helen Rennie for Friday's photos from the 'Gorm. If you have been out please send your photos to pix@winterhighland.info .
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