pix from the slopes // cairngorm mountain
CairnGorm Mountain // Saturday 25th March 2006
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Aonach Bowl and Over Yonder from the West Wall Poma base.

The lower Carpark Run and Tow. Burnside option also in good nick.

Looking up the Cas to a loaded Coronation Wall.

The Ciste Gully, good sport for experts.

Looking down from the East Wall (No. 2 Gully).

White Lady living up to it's name.

Did CML find the pot of gold in the Daylodge?

Heading into Sneachda from the Fiacaill Traverse.

Ciste Fairway in the Top Basin from West Wall Poma.

High on the East Wall. Plenty of snow on the Aonach Ridge and Western flank of Loagh Mor from end of Traverse.

The Tunnel Mouth is half buried and all routes onto the Lady are superb!

Looking across the Northern Corries from above the Traverse.

East Lady, White Lady and M1 from Fiacaill Ridge Poma.

No queues today... the Carpark from the Fiacaill Ridge run.

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A day of changing conditions and weather, and no crowds and no queues. Though the morning started overcast with wintry showers and strong winds, those who braved the grey forecasts were suitably rewarded as the clouds parted and blue sky put in an appearance in the afternoon. Snow started as soft fresh snow, then became very sticky before evolving again in the afternoon sunshine to give very nice spring like snow.

Excellent sport from top to bottom for all abilities, it's possible to ski from the top to the Daylodge all on Greens, and the M2/Daylodge, or Traverse, Fiacaill Traverse and Fiacaill Ridge provide long blue runs from the Top Station to the Daylodge. White Lady, M1, Ciste Gully, Aonach Bowl and above all the East Wall offer great sport for experts. The route down Sneachda from the top of the Fiacaill T-bar is complete, but remember this is unmarked and un-patrolled. Good cover on the Western flank of Coire Loagh Mor from the end of the East Wall Traverse and skiable to the Ciste.

Thanks to Helen Rennie for Saturday's photos from the Gorm. If you have been out please send your photos to pix@winterhighland.com .
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