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CairnGorm Mountain // Wednesday 30th November 2005
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An unusual view of Carpark Runs from a skier's point of view! Way out towards the Daylodge Poma from the East Lady.

Looking across Coire Cas from high on the East Lady above the Sheiling.

You can't ski here often! Looking across the East Lady and over the Cas from high above the Home Road.

Between the Burn Side and Tow Track options of the Carpark Run. Even down here you could ski between the runs on Wed.

Looking over the Tunnel mouth and across the East Lady to the Daylodge and Loch Morlich beyond.

The only shower of the day coming in. Ptarmigan Tow and Bowl from the upmost reaches of the East Wall.

New route to the Daylodge. Way out North on the East Lady far beyond the Hut Route heading for the Base Station. Some of this couldn't even be skied in 2001!

Check this out, the expansive snowfield that is the East Lady!

CairnGorm Mountain from the East Lady.

Remember the East Lady is a boulder field, there is no base under the current snow, and there are a few unmarked suprises to beware off!

The tunnel and M1 SideTrack from the funicular.

Traversing out from Lady Luck for a descent of the East Lady.

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Wednesday on CairnGorm Mountain saw the temperature rise slightly, and while surface conditions might have gone off slightly from earlier in the week, the clouds lifted and the visibility was perfect, being able to see all the snow more than made up for any slight deterioration in it's condition!

For the first time since last weeks storms it's been possible to get a true handle on the extent of cover on the Gorm, and while it was expected for the Daylodge Run to fill on North winds, the extent to which that side of the mountain is skiable is quite exceptional. The East Lady being a boulder field, rather than a reliable snow-field, is a bonus at any time but this extent of cover in November is quite something. Indeed it's possible to pick routes that weren't on the cards even in 2001.

Just about anywhere from the East Lady round to the Cas Downline was skiable on Wednesday, just pick a point on either the M2 or the Traverse and drop off!

The Carpark runs have good wide cover too, and you could ski anywhere on the lower slopes between the different options of the Carpark Run. The M1 runs are now officially open and patrolled along with the Traverse, Cas, 105 and Home Road, plus Ptarmigan Bowl up top. Most runs are complete, and all of the Cas area, plus M2/Daylodge can be accessed via the funicular, however you ride at your own risk if leaving the patrolled officially open runs. The Gunbarrel has not yet filled, so Zig Zags are the way to go if coming down that way.

Thanks to George Paton for today's photos. A short video clip of skiing the East Lady is available here. Please send your photos to pix@winterhighland.com
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