pix from the slopes // cairngorm mountain
CairnGorm Mountain // Tuesday 26th January 2010
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Looking up the Fiacaill Ridge Poma, now excellent consolidated base on uptrack.

View down the bottom of the Cas T-bar to the Lower Slopes from the Zig Zag/M1 link.

Appearing from the mist in a banked out Ciste Gully. Escape routes up the East Wall, but not the West Wall.

Skiers pause under the West Wall chairlift while traversing to the Poma.

Unusual lines still on the East Wall. Will surface conditions and snow stability allow in coming days?

Looking down the lower Overyonder where the Link Lift once stood to the fenced narrows of the lower Aonach Bowl.

Aonach Bynack is a mess, if visibility isn't good enter the bowl from the top of the Aonach Poma of the M2.

Checking out the White Lady, Gunbarrel and Zig Zags from far out on the East Lady above the SSC Hut.

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A misty Tuesday afternoon with the upper half of the mountain shrouded in hill fog. Much milder than recent times with the snow softening at all elevations, but consolidation rather than thaw on the mountain.

Best surface conditions were where the snow was already firm packed and where reasonably trafficked, so the best snow was to be found on the lower slopes, becoming granular and almost spring snow like. At the top were there was still a depth of fresh snow this was becoming very wet and sticky, thus it was slow going in the Top Basin.

As you started to drop out of the hill fog into the Ciste Gully surface conditions improved markedly, though not as quick as the lower Cas slopes the extra gradient made up for it - this was the best offer for more experienced riders, but few were venturing this way, due to the mist at the top.

You need to head lower than many usually do to get a good traverse to the WW Poma, aim for below the 2nd pylon of the chairlift, but if you get near the 1st proper pylon you are too low!

The Ciste Gully is very unusually complete to the Ciste car park, this is exceptionally rare and always has been, but if the Shuttle Bus is on, you can ski the full Gully or Aonach Bowl, then it's a winding gentle schuss out the bottom.

Great areas for lower abilities on the lower slopes, with the Sheiling Tow perfect for novices, esp if the mist is down on the Top Basin like Tuesday. All runs are complete, a fantastic base on mid-mountain trails which will firm up later in the week.

Please beware that the Link Road remains blocked, there is two traffic on the down road - drive extra carefully both ways! This also means that the service bus can not be picked up from the Ciste Carpark, you need to head down to the lower split in the road if trying to catch the bus from the Ciste side.
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