pix from the slopes // cairngorm mountain
CairnGorm Mountain // Monday 18th January 2010
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The Burnside burn mostly filled in, very rare since the Daylodge was built!

This photo needs someone willing to rail-slide the Burnside bridge!

Skiers on the lower White Lady heading for the FRP, continue over the Home Road and through the Sheiling Gully.

Looking up from the foot of the Sheiling Trainer Tow, fantastic beginner areas top and bottom.

You can lay out some big carves on the White Lady, or explore the drifts, wind lips and drop offs.

Skier heading for the White Lady, this is where the old berms under the Chairlift were, only one small section of them left.

Some purple thing resembling a funicular emerges from a snowy hiding place.

For those comfortable with graded terrain, the off-piste from the Fiacall Traverse, down towards then skiers left of Carpark Tow offered beautiful windpacked snow.

Digging squad at work on the Funicular Track, yes that is the underpass onto the White Lady!

M1 RaceTrack has great crunchy groomed snow, fantastic for laying out some big carves on.

The 'dug out' Ptarmigan Restaurant, with the East Wall of the Ptarmigan Bowl beyond. Work in progress to dig out the Ptarmigan Tow.

Glenmore behind the M1 Poma, the up-track is a trench in places!

First lift on the M1 Poma on Monday Afternoon, if you go to cross the tow track, there's 8ft+ drop offs onto the track in places!

Looking into the Cas Gunbarrel from the M1 Queuing area, notice the banked out snow right across the lower 105.

Heading up the Fiacaill Ridge Poma on Monday afternoon. Can get across to it from the lower carpark, burn filled in!

Across the lower slopes to the Daylodge Poma, good depth of drifted snow now pisted between fences. Daylodge Glades retains a crusty base.

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After a long week of StormBound days and an unimaginable amount of digging out CairnGorm Mountain re-opened Monday.

Access on Monday was via unrestricted two way traffic on the down road - this could change for the morning, so please be very observant of the road signage on the Ski Road.

The effects of the storm is a simply massive re-distribution of snow, the effects of which are like having a whole new mountain to play with. The White Lady esp is superb sport for advanced riders, there's something of a pisted motorway to crank up some big turns, though there's a few big rollers from the drifts to get air off and parts are like a big natural terrain park, formed by massive drifts, wind lips and drop offs, little gullies to ride etc.

Ski to the bottom via Sheiling Gully for uplift after the White Lady, no access to M1 Poma from the Lady itself.

Snow conditions vary across the mountain and with height, a slight rain crust lower down off-piste, with firm packed snow on piste, will a mix of stuff higher up, but with some excellent wind packed smooth snow in places such as the Fiacaill, skiers left of the Carpark Tow and in the Sheiling Gully. On piste crunchy mid-winter snow lower half, but loosening up to machine packed powder on the recently groomed stuff. Some softening, so maybe a slight skin on the stuff not pisted in the morning.

The Funicular and Ptarmigan Restaurant are due to open on Tuesday. There is great sport for all abilities from top to bottom of the mountain. Check the forecast, and when the weather agrees, get up there.
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