pix from the slopes // cairngorm mountain
CairnGorm Mountain // Sunday 21st March 2010
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View up the Ciste Gully from the Laogh Mor bridge. A case for the WW Chair beautifully made by nature.

Gliding back round into the Ciste and the carpark on the Laogh Mor Return.

High on the East Wall, good granular spring snow here, quite crunchy still high up.

Going up the M1 Poma, still little sign of the tow fences.

Skier heads for the foot of the White Lady, Sheiling Gully & Home Road still complete.

View up the East Lady from the T-bar, fantastic on Sunday afternoon.

Looking over Coire Cas from high on the East Lady.

Piste Basher sitting outside the Ptarmigan Restaurant.

Brief misty interlude at the top of the Ptarmigan Tow.

Entering the Top Basin on the WWP, full cover and fantastic green terrain.

Top of Fiacaill Ridge Poma looking over the Zig Sags to the M1 and Lady.

Upper Cas, still wide and good spring snow in the boulderfield.

Looking up the 'Gorm from the foot of the Sheiling Tow to the Lady, M1 and Cas Gunbarrel.

Lower Zig Zags looking up to the M1 beyond.

Bottom of the Gunbarrel looking to the lower slopes and the Sheiling Tow.

Looking out over OverYonder and the Aonach Bowl from the DLP to the East Wall.

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A largely bright day under part cloudy skies with some decent sunny spells and generally good light. Firm packed but grippy in the Top Basin, lower down some softer snow but also areas of excellent granular spring snow.

Overall still great riding to be had, all runs are complete the vast majority with at great full cover and still extensive tracts of ride anywhere cover on the mid and upper mountain.

Carpark Runs and Daylodge Run retain good cover, Fiacaill Ridge fences narrow, while line of old Fiacaill Tow has really good granular spring snow. Daylodge Glades continues to offer good spring snow also.

WWP had no queue, so was an option to use the DLP and WWP in combination to access the East Lady, Lady and M1. Reason for the quiet WWP is that the Poma can not be regained on snow from the Ciste Gully, West or East Wall, on Sunday better to head on down the Ciste Gully to the carpark and use the shuttle bus. Lower Gully OK except for one small section just below the diagonal fences, but most were favouring this option over the Poma, or sticking to the Cas side.

Great on piste sport for all abilities and still extensive off-piste steeps, the East Lady and East Wall were skiing beautifully on Sunday afternoon, still quite soft rather than true granular spring snow on the East Lady, but smooth and enough gradient that it made for sweet turns.

For a less steep adventure, the Laogh Mor Return remains complete to the Ciste Carpark giving a 3mile run and 2000ft of
vertical from the top of the Ptarmigan Tow.
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