pix from the slopes // cairngorm mountain
CairnGorm Mountain // Sunday 7th February 2010
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Machine groomed corduroy on a firm base in the 105.

Top of the Gunbarrel from the lower 105 (they have pretty much merged into one).

Walkers entrance to the Ptarmigan!

The mist continued to lift early morning, clear to the top of Coire Cas by 9am.

Brightening up on the upper M2, fantastic cruise from top to Daylodge on well pisted snow.

Clouds begin to part above the Aonach Bowl. Ciste side icy in bits compared to Coire Cas.

Daylodge Poma is just about ready to run, Excellent groomed snow between the fences.

Looking up the Daylodge Poma, the 'Daylodge Glades' rather crusty and bit rutted, but starting to soften.

Boarder sits on the East Wall part way down the Ciste Gully.

Mist coming down again ahead of a flurry. Ciste Gully from bottom of the Aonach Poma.

Tracks out of the very seldom skiable lower Ciste Gully from the bridge to the car park.

Heading down the Aonach Bowl, no need to cut off for the WWP - just keep on going and out the Ciste Gully.

Skier cranking it up on the full width Aonach Bowl. Softened up beautifully late morning.

Looking up through the fenced 'Narrows' of the lower Aonach Bowl.

Snow fence slalom in the lower Ciste Gully, go skiers right of the fences or once you've sussed it out use a bit of speed to complete the maneuver (not to much or it might result in an early bath).

Standing on the bridge I heard someone say, 'Now if there was Chairlift....'. Looking past the Coire Na Ciste Chairlift to the Laogh Mor Return.

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Update from 10am. West Wall Poma opened by 9.30am, all available uplift apart from Daylodge Poma up and running. DLP is expected to be ready for public use for the afternoon.

Vastly better visibility than Fri and Saturday, though still at times variable visibility on the upper mountain it has been clear to at least the upper Cas and usually higher. Light has generally been good with some bright and the odd sunny spell, this makes the riding much more enjoyable as you can see the variations in surface conditions.

Snow firmed up lower down overnight, slight skin off the pisted areas below the Gunbarrel, but loosening to spring like snow on the recently pisted stuff. Firm but grippy mid-mountain with a layer of loose snow where groomed, still coming up as packed powder corduroy high up, where there is a light covering of fresh.

Top Basin, M2, Daylodge are the pick of the groomers this morning. Fiacaill Traverse and Fiacaill are skiing well this morning too. Ciste Gully area harder and rather icy esp on the East Wall. Ciste GUlly the better option for now.

No queues on the lower tows or WWP by 10am. Parking in the Ciste so the Shuttle bus is running. FL just above the Daylodge, so lower snow should loosen up so if the visibility holds possibly some good offpiste conditions lower down to the Ciste Carpark for the afternoon.

Looks worth getting up somewhere for the afternoon if you can from the morning so far on CairnGorm. Check cams and official reports for the latest.
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