pix from the slopes // cairngorm mountain
CairnGorm Mountain // Sunday 28th February 2010
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Looking up the Down Road - Link Road blocked, full two way traffic on Sunday. Drive with care, narrow lanes.

Going up the Cas T-bar in some afternoon sunshine.

View down Coire Cas to Loch Morlich from the top of Chicken Gully, duck on the Zig Zags or you'll might get hit by T-bars!

Piste Basher digging out the Funicular as seen from the Carpark Tow.

Fiacaill T-bar line again has good windpacked snow.

If you look closely you can just see the top of the 6ft marker poles on Horizon Road that were put in when the fences were almost buried!

The Traverse from the top of Coire Cas. Dubious cornice on Coronation wall extends all the way to the Traverse.

CairnGorm Mountain from just outside the Base Station. Bring a shovel if you want to make a phone call!

Looking over Coire Cas to the corniced Coronation Wall and Traverse from top of FRP.

Looking up the Coire Cas Gunbarrel from the Zig Zag crossover to the M1 Poma.

Home Road roped off at the bottom as well as the top, East Lady could let go spontaneously!

Cornice on the East Wall far below No 2 Gully, extends to the foot of the Gully at the bridge back to the Carpark!

Looking over to the dangerously loaded Western aspects of the East Wall, Laogh Mor and Laogh Beag.

Heading up the Daylodge Poma, that pile of snow came from the up track!

Daylodge Poma from carpark. machine packed powder on a firm grippy base.

Even the Daylodge Glades no go - you don't have to be on the steeper stuff to release the full slab! (Spot the guy on the Poma!!)

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CairnGorm Mountain reopened on Sunday as the latest instalment of the big dig continues. Uplift restricted to the lower slopes of Coire Cas and the Cas T-bar itself due to ongoing digging out and avalanche risk.

The risk should not be underestimated, with large cornices overhanging the East Lady and Coronation Wall above huge and deep windslabs. An even more threatening cornice hangs above Coire na Ciste on the full length of the East Wall right down to the car park level.

The Home Road is closed and roped off at the bottom as well as the top, don't walk or skin up this route - the whole slope above could come down on you! The sign at the bottom of the Daylodge Poma read "Stay on pisted Run, failure to comply will result in ticket removal".

The increasingly expansive lift served off-piste of a week ago has been massively reigned in following the last storm, with perhaps as much as 70inches of level snow having fallen higher up the mountain.

On the open groomed terrain the surface conditions are mostly machine packed powder, with a mix of wind packed and harder stuff off the pisted lines. Down the Fiacaill T-bar line and the Cas Boulderfield were giving sweet unbashed snow.

More terrain and uplift will open as snow stability and weather permits. Entire Ciste Side closed Sunday. Oh and another snow shower was coming in at close of play!
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