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CairnGorm Mountain // Saturday 15th May 2010
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The infamous Coire Cas Gunbarrel is still wide and level, but the bumps are building.

Looking up the White Lady from the mid-station on Saturday afternoon.

One of the usual suspects bashing the bumps on the White Lady.

Boarder taking a line through the bumps on the upper Lady.

Getting into bump mode for the steeper part of the White Lady.

Ski on sweet spring snow, then go windsurfing at Loch Morlich!

We need a bigger Funicular...

Tracked up perfect spring snow on the Headwall.

Looking down on Lochan na Beinne from the outside of the Fairway. Patched up bottom of the Ciste.

The Ciste Gully looking amazing in mid May, support reinstatement of the West Wall Chair, [url=http:www.savetheciste.com]www.savetheciste.com.

CairnGorm Mountain from the Cas Carpark on Saturday morning. Lady and Cas looking great.

The White Lady was skiing beautifully from the off, the bumps built through the day.

Sweet spring snow to carve up on Coire Cas under a bright May Sun.

Boarders heading for the Fiacaill Traverse, nice smooth spring snow on the Fiacaill, but have to walk about 150yards to get back from Zig Zags.

Coire Cas T-bar doing it's thing on the 3rd weekend of May.

Ciste Tow and Ptarmigan Bowl from the Ciste Fairway, full width at the top, narrow at the bottom.

Still a wide expanse in the Ciste Bowl, great riding for early intermediates.

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We are into the third weekend of May, but CairnGorm Mountain's endless winter of 2010 continues with a truly special day of late spring snowsports on Saturday.

There is riding for all abilities from gentle greens in the Ptarmigan Bowl, to a 1000ft vertical bump field on the White Lady or if you want steep smooth spring snow then hit Coronation Wall and the Headwall.

Also longer greens either side of the Ciste Tow, a longer cruise down greens and blues via the Traverse, 105, Coire Cas and the Gunbarrel to the mid-station, where the Funicular was running every 15mins and doing mid-station up stops each run in the afternoon.

For those willing to put in some effort for extra turns, esp those with touring kit to skin out, the Ciste Gully was reported to be fantastic on Sat. Venturing further afield, various steeps over Sneachda way were reportedly seeing action.

The best surface conditions are on the mid-mountain runs, the White Lady retains excellent wide cover. Somewhat fresher snow in the Top Basin did get slightly slower during the day, but overall the snow has aged and was skiing much quicker today.

Ptarmigan Terrain Park has 2 wide box rails, a flat-down-flat and battleship, 3 more challenging rails, several rollers and 3 take offs on the huge kicker from the Dawn of the Shred.

If you are reading this on Saturday evening, dump your plans, grab the toys, chuck them in the car and head for CairnGorm Mountain in the morning.
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