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CairnGorm Mountain // Saturday 5th June 2010
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Looking over the Ptarmigan Bowl to the fiendish kinked rail. Side being used as a kicker.

Putting in some epic turns on amazing spring snow in the Ciste Gully.

Threatening clouds bubbling up all day, but threaten was all they did.

Don't fall in the burn getting on the Ptarmigan Tow!

Looking down from the top of the Terrain Park at why it was better to start of skiers left of the T-bar and cut over.

Looking over the Ptarmigan Bowl from the top of the Polar Express.

Ptarmigan Tow doing it's thing in June! :)

Clouds bubbling up cast shadows on the Ptarmigan Ridge.

Going up the Ptarmigan Tow through the Bowl.

H11lly putting in some turns in the wide Ciste Bowl.

Ciste Gully drops away hiding a fantastic long run on superb spring snow.

Hugo practices is rock slalom on the most used but least recommended route to the Ptarmigan Ridge.

Looking down the Ptarmigan Bowl and T-bar on Saturday morning.

T-shirt skiing - warm without the Sun, roasting when Sunny.

Reshaping and smoothing out the approach to the kinked rail.

Warming up, shade temperature under fairly overcast skies at 10am at 2050ft.

Heading for the Ptarmigan Tow on a bashed track through the burn from the Restaurant path.

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The very warm weather this past week with double digit overnight temperatures mid-mountain mean that CairnGorm Mountain's endless winter of 2010 is drawing to a close, but not before the Ptarmigan Tow made it into June for a spot of lift served Scottish Summer Skiing.

Warm humid air meant clouds bubbling up all around, but threaten was about all they did and it was still very warm and scorching when the Sun came out - the snow amplifying it markedly.

The main action is in the Ptarmigan Bowl and along the Ptarmigan Ridge, best to exit the tow towards the Ptarmigan Traverse and go round the big mound at the top of Terrain Park area, then cross the T-bar track out onto the wide snowfield on the Ptarmigan Ridge.

Here the old riderX course is giving some fun features, the snow was fast enough to ride the berms or use them as booters, with a serious of rollers slightly further out. A couple of rails were reset in the Park, along with a barrel jib and the side of old big kicker where the rails are was reshaped for a kicker take off.

Good granular spring snow giving fun summer turns in the Ptarmigan Bowl, but for those prepared to a bit of leg work the Ciste Gully is outstanding. 1500ft of vertical from the top of the Ptarmigan Tow, below which the Ciste Bowl widens out and you can start to layout bigger turns and crank it up as the bowl steepens into the Ciste Gully proper. Can still ski to within about 20m of the boardwalk, just a couple of holes low down so be careful. Well worth the effort on Sat.

Sunday is looking like being closing day, get up for your chance to say "I've summer skied Scotland!". Video of descent of the Ptarmigan Bowl on Youtube, more Ciste Gully Pix in the Public Reports.
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