pix from the slopes // cairngorm mountain
CairnGorm Mountain // Saturday 13th March 2010
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Ski Test outside the Daylodge at the foot of Burnside.

Looking over the Fiacaill Ridge Poma to the DLP & the Daylodge Glades.

Skier in the Cas Gunbarrel, Cas Tow went off mid-afternoon, t-bar over cable went through tower.

Looking up the White Lady & East Lady.

Sheiling Gully provide a continuation of the White Lady, head down here to regain the lifts.

Sheiling Gully looking to the White Lady and M1 Poma from foot of the Sheiling Trainer Tow.

Sheiling area of the Carpark Run, great cover and depth, but Sheiling Tow out of action due to mechanical problem.

Sheiling AWS back in situ with new anemometer. Skiers heading down the Carpark Run with Glenore in the distance.

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See Public Report by H11lly for photos from further up the mountain.

A selection of photos from around the lower reaches of Coire Cas on Saturday afternoon from a trip to swap out a malfunctioning anemometer on the Sheiling Tow AWS (See blog for more info). Snow soft and sticky off the heavily trafficed areas on the lower mountain, much quicker and more granular on the Carpark Run.

All runs retain an excellent cover with a well consolidated base, some softening of the surface away from the tops. Shuttle Bus running with the Ciste Carpark just over 1/2 full despite doubt over the forecast over the past few days. Ciste Gully and Loagh Mor Return complete to the Ciste Carpark for 2000ft of vertical descent.

Cornice Collapses bringing down debris into the Lower Ciste, stick to the Aonach bowl side lower down! When visibility is good still fantastic cover across Coire Laogh Mor and into Coire Laogh Beag with various lines back to the Ciste Carpark depending how flat a traverse you can hold!
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