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CairnGorm Mountain // Thursday 1st April 2010
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Wind sculptures by the SSC Hut at the foot of the East Lady.

Fresh tracks on the White Lady, access was on foot up the Traverse from the top of the Cas Tow.

SSC Hut at the foot of a loaded East Lady, check avalanche risk!

Looking down the lowest part of the White Lady, Sheiling Gully is pisted out onto the Home Road and Carpark Run.

Looking down the lower slopes from the foot of the Cas T-bar.

Digging out the Funicular and the M1 Poma. Check the 2nd tower!

Looking up a loaded Coire Cas Gunbarrel.

View back down the Gunbarrel, spot the Burnside burn anyone?

Carpark T-bar doing it's thing late in the afternoon.

Bottom terminal of the M1 Poma, beyond the lift the slope drops steeply, but now the snow rises up.

Have you heard the one about the invisible T-bar?

Loch Morlich from the top of the Fiacaill Ridge Poma.

A completely white vista over Coire Cas from the top of the Fiacaill Ridge Poma, not much Funicular track visible.

Looking like it might be time to get the shades out at the bottom of the FRP.

Still a goggles and face mask job at the top of the FRP, snow still drifting quite significantly above about 2800ft.

Daylodge Poma and the powder loaded Daylodge Glades from the foot of the FRP.

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After two StormBound days with high winds and pretty much 60 hours of continuous snowfall, CairnGorm Mountain was up and running for 1st April with limited uplift. The Carpark Tow, Fiacaill Ridge Poma and the Coire Cas Tow marking the start of the 6th consecutive calendar month in which lift served snowsports have been available on the 'Gorm.

Winds swung round from South Easterly, backing through North Easterly to end up slightly west of North Westerly by the time the snow stopped falling in this storm. The effect of this has been large accumulations on lee slopes, then being partly eroded down with yet more redistribution as the wind shifted.

This means that there are large deposits of windblown and windpacked fresh on many aspects and some very impressive wind sculpted snow - should be good fun to play on if the forecast for good light holds for Friday.

The White Lady was seeing some fresh tracks getting put down from those who were hooting up the Traverse from the top of the Cas Tow.

All runs are complete with excellent cover, snow is a mix of wind blown and wind packed fresh snow, some softening on the lower slopes in the sun, but at all levels pisting beautifully to give sweet machine packed powder.

The mountain is one huge potential playground, ride anywhere (once it's stable enough) including some ridiculous potential lines on the East Lady way out above the Home Road - things that are just never skiable, but have been several times this season.

Check with patrol for the latest on what's open terrain wise, heed the avalanche warning signs and flags!

Get up on Good Friday and enjoy some simply mind blowing mid-winter conditions to bring in April. More photos including some from further up the mountain have been posted by H11lly in the Public Reports.
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