pix from the slopes // cairngorm mountain
CairnGorm Mountain // Friday 16th April 2010
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Looking up the 'Gorm from the Carpark Tow late Friday afternoon.

Sun blazes down on the Ptarmigan Tow & Marquis Well.

Outside refreshments in the Sun by the Daylodge.

Heading for home on the Carpark Run at the end of the day.

Camera Obscura from Burnside, check out the background that was being skied on numerous times this season!

Wide and level Cas Gunbarrel, some bumps forming in the spring snow.

The M1 SideTrack / White Lady underpass on the Funicular!

Spring snow bumps building on the M1 RaceTrack.

Looking back up the Traverse.

About to top out on the M1 Poma under a perfect blue sky, what a start to the weekend!

Funicular scurries by, snow still level with the beams of the raised track viaduct.

Piste Basher building a jump in the rider X course for Saturday and Sunday.

First jump on the rider X course.

Rider X Start gate getting installed.

T-shirt riding on Friday, but not at the weekend, time to look out the winter gear again.

Top Basin from the West Wall Poma, great sport for early intermediates of the Ciste Tow.

No 1 Gully on the East Wall beyond the West Wall Chairlift.

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Another simply amazing spring day on CairnGorm Mountain with unbroken sunshine and fantastic cover on the top 2/3rds of the mountain and still decent riding to the Daylodge at Carpark level.

Once the snow loosened up there was great riding to be had across the mountain, surface conditions remain a mix of softer snow and more granular spring snow, though gradually the diurnal freeze/thaw cycling is morphing the snow pack into increasingly granular and more spring like snow. But beware, some areas the snow is pretty slow, like the M2, while the Fiacaill and below the Traverse had really fast spring snow that was a delight to ski.

There remains great sport for all ability levels for first timers to experts. For advanced riders there's great fun to be had on the East Wall, Coronation Wall and East Lady once the surface softens, while if bumps is your thing and the bigger the better, the best ones are to be found on the West Wall Chair Run, cut in by a Traverse of the Aonach Bowl.

The Aonach Bowl, White Lady and M1 RaceTrack all have bumps starting to build, but also flatter lines too if you don't do bumps. The Cas Gunbarrel is getting slightly mougled late in the day but is being pisted overnight.

The Ptarmigan Terrain Park is epic with huge kickers and a variety of other hits, some saner humps and bumps can be found on the Fiacaill Traverse and in the Fiacaill Terrain park.

Return to the Daylodge is recommended via the Carpark Runs including Burnside. While it is possible to hack a way down the Daylodge from the M2 by using a combination of the Run, tow track and Daylodge Glades, but this way is not advised nor any longer patrolled.

Unfortunately the blue skies of Friday are not set to last for Saturday, with strong gusty winds also forecast which could affect some uplift. Winds are forecast to be lighter on Sunday with a mix of sunny spells and snow showers.
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