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Glencoe // Friday 2nd April 2010
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Skier in the Haggis Trap.

A snowboarder follows a telemarker through the trap.

View up Mugs Alley to the Spring Run, great shape Fri. Rannoch Glades though was scoured and rough.

Looking out of Thrombosis down onto Mugs Alley, stick to the burn gully for best snow.

Sun setting on Thrombsis, Friday's secret stash that hardly anyone was visiting.

Skier exiting the Haggis Trap at the foot of the Main Basin.

Decisions on the Main Basin which was skiing beautifully.

Heading down the Main Basin, start of some soft snow bumps next to the tow.

Ski Patrol getting in some turns in the Main Basin.

Is that a Traverse to Ben Nevis?

Skiers heading off from the top of the Main Basin T-bar.

Main Basin is in fantastic shape, filled up nicely as snow blew in from various directions during the storm.

Looking back to the top of the Wall T-bar.

Plateau Poma doing it's thing. Best Run is skiers right of the poma, last 50-100yards very narrow, but rest of the Plateau good.

Foot of the Top Tows and Rescue Station.

Looking up Meall a' Bhuiridh from the Access Chair, Main Basin looked and was in great shape.

Looking into the Flypaper, Ballies and Radio Gully from the the Access Chair.

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A superb bluebird Friday at Glencoe, fantastic snow and brilliant weather made it a great Good Friday.

Saturday probably wont have as much sun, but there should be some sunny spells between some further snow showers that will give yet another top up of fresh to play on.

The Main Basin is in great shape and the Haggis Trap has lovely soft snow in it. Mugs Alley has filled in along the stream line lower down, and this is the best line to take approaching the foot of the Cliffy.

Most runs have good cover and surface conditions were mostly great with just the odd icy patch, but Rannoch Glades was reported to be rough and scoured.

Secret stash of the Day was Thrombosis that was seeing next to no traffic, really sweet snow and as always a short but fantastic fun line.

Great riding in prospect for Easter Weekend so get up Sat or Sunday, unfortunately the weather is going to do it's usual bank holiday nonsense and be horrible on Monday!
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