pix from the slopes // cairngorm mountain
CairnGorm Mountain // Saturday 26th December 2009
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Across the Northern Corries from the absolutely loaded Traverse. Long cruise for confident intermediates from top to bottom.

Across Horizon Road from the M1 RaceTrack to the Zig Zags, wide general cover with lots of options between the trails.

Loch Morlich from the M1/Traverse split, loads of skier tracked freshies on the East Lady.

M1 Poma doing it's things late on Boxing Day.

Ciste Tow and Fairway, complete cover across the upper mountain with moderate off-piste around the Top Basin to get your powder legs working.

Skiers and boarders who've just piled of the Funicular gear up by the top of the M1 Poma.

Almost fence deep machine packed powder on the Ciste Fairway.

Ciste Bowl is wide and deep, moderate off-piste powder on the upper East Wall to skiers right of the Ptarmigan Tow and Ciste Bowl.

Looking up the top of the Ciste Fairway.

Heading down the lower M1 RaceTrack, lower slopes and very snowy Strath beyond.

Sheiling section of the Carpark Run, middle line has the best snow and depth of cover, some slick patches T-bar side.

Fiacaill Ridge Poma making a December debut for the first time in a number of years.

Riding the Fiacaill Ridge Poma at nightfall to round off a simply stunning Boxing Day.

Fiacaill Ridge Poma doing it's thing as darkness envelopes the 'Gorm.

Good cover on all legs of the Zig Zags. Skier tracked powder field of the East Lady beyond.

Long exposure night shot of the 'Gorm, time to think of tomorrow's possibilities.

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Santa brought another 8 inches of fresh to CairnGorm Mountain during Christmas Day, bringing the 48hour total to a very sweet sounding 26 inches!

Fantastic top to bottom riding for all ability levels. The Top Basin is in superb shape and like all over the mountain that ego boosting dry machine packed powder 'hero snow' covers all groomed terrain.

With so much snow having fallen in light winds we're into a period of that rare ride anywhere cover on the mid and upper mountains with wide tracts of fresh snow between the main trails. While a lot has been tracked up on the Cas side, there's still areas with relatively few tracks and large expanses over in the Ciste that the potential need for a shuttle bus on Sunday could open up.

If the shuttle bus runs on Sunday, 2000ft of vertical will be possible, but check with patrol, esp for avalanche risk in the Ciste and on the East Wall which needs to be considered before attempting the Laogh Mor Return.

All runs to the Daylodge are complete, Fiacaill Ridge, Carpark Runs and the Daylodge run, with the Daylodge Poma hopefully coming on during Sunday.

This is the best Christmas period cover for a good number of years and another epic spell to make 2009 a memorable year for the right reasons, all the more so with Glencoe opening Monday. Forget the sales and retail parks, drop everything and head to the hills, this is too got to miss.

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