pix from the slopes // cairngorm mountain
CairnGorm Mountain // Saturday 23rd January 2010
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Sheiling AWS reporting outside data again. Checkout depth of snow behind the counter weight.

Digging out the entrance to the Scottish Ski Club Hut. It was up to the white on the wall!

Looking over the Daylodge Bridge . Suspect the railings might need some TLC for summer!

Looking up Burnside, where's the burn?

Can't these guys read?

Top Station and the viewing terrace, not that there was much to view today!

Skier heads past the Camera Obscura. Think about it!

Daylodge from Burnside, ski patrol have netted off the bridge, so no more rail slides (People were skiing into it...).

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Hill fog and continuous light snow fall on Saturday give very flat light, best visibility was on the lower slopes, hence the selection of pix.

Varied surface conditions and with fluctuating temperature and more light but steady snow forecast for overnight, so the best spots may well have changed by morning.

A slight freeze/thaw and wind scouring down to older hard pack has left some hard and occasionally icy patches, more esp on the upper reaches of the mid-mountain runs. M1 RaceTrack is generally hard packed, while the SideTrack is firm but grippy and pisted to 4 machines width. The White Lady remains great fun (See Monday's Pix) but the light was too flat to maximise it's potential!

Access to the Lady is via Lady Luck, T-bar line or the old line to skiers right of the tunnel - this has a sudden and near vertical drop in, beware! No access to the M1 Poma from White Lady, ski out the full run across the Home Road, down Sheiling Gully and cut back to the Fiacaill Ridge Poma.

One of the best spots Saturday were from the Fiacaill Traverse, skiers left of the old T-bar and continuing down near the tow line and out to skiers left of the Carpark Tow, crossing near the downhill part of the up-track.

The best snow though was skiers left of the Daylodge Poma, in amongst the shrubbery of the Daylodge Glades, a nice layer of soft fresh over a lovely and smooth surface meaning the flat light was no problem.

Aonach Bowl would have potential if the cloud lifts, some sweet stashes, but hellish in the flat light Sat as you couldn't distinguish the sweet stuff from the unridable till you hit it!

Novices and early intermediates should stay on the lower slopes to get the best of the visibility if it's similar to Saturday, people were struggling around the Ptarmigan Bowl,w hen they would almost certainly had a more enjoyable day lower down.
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