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Glencoe // Friday 12th March 2010
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Looking out of the Trap.

East side of the top tows is loaded, looking over the tows from the Main Basin.

Sun starting to burn through the haze above the top of the Main Basin T-bar.

Main Basin T-bar disappears into early morning mist.

Mugs Alley from the Cliffhanger Chairlift.

The Canyon from the Cliffhanger Chairlift.

Upper runs beginning to emerge from the mist as seen from the Plateau Poma.

Looking promising, cloud starting to disperse going up the Access Chair.

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Cloud from overnight snow showers was starting to lift and break in time for first lift, meaning a mix of sunny spells and a few snow flurries on the way up the Access Chair on Friday morning.

Below mid-mountain was in the clear from the off and the mist gradually lifted and dispersed from the upper mountain. Though occasional wisps of mist came down on the upper mountain for much of the day it was reasonably bright with decent light.

Overnight the soft thawing fresh snow on the lower slopes firmed up, coming up nicely where groomed and the wet fresh snow that had fallen in the afternoon on the upper mountain had crunched up nicely with a further layer of drier fresh on top. Thus the upper mountain esp the Main Basin was skiing very nicely. Slight softening on the Main Basin, but lower down the snow became softer as the day went on, but in the shade on some steeper sections of the mid-mountain it was crisping up again before the lifts closed.

Likely to firm up again overnight so starting firm packed on the lower mountain, and crunchy new snow giving the best sport on the upper mountain. Good cover to the top of the Access Chair generally, but a couple of worn bits that are easily avoidable at the foot of Mugs Alley and the Plateau Run, best of the Plateau runs is the fence line way out skiers right of the Poma.
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