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The Lecht // Tuesday 9th March 2010
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Falcon Poma, really only being used for an exit route from the Buzzard, snow stayed very hard and rough.

Looking back to the Buzzard basking in the afternoon Sun from the top of the Falcon Poma.

Looking down the Lecht Pass to the Harrier Poma, Buzzard side you can ride anywhere.

Looking out from the Base Lodge balcony towards the Kestral, Falcon and Harrier Pomas.

Skier on the Buzzard, nice soft snow on a firm base.

Massive kicker on the Buzzard by the Poma.

Buzzard Poma bathed in sun all day. Off-piste next to the tow was hard and rutted, but a bit further out smooth and soft.

Boarder on the Buzzard, looking towards the Eagle Pomas in the distance.

Buzzard Poma side of the hill is absolutely loaded. Big cornice stretches along the ridge to the North.

Eagle Poma and run, surface loosened nicely late morning with the base staying firm underneath.

Heading up the Grouse Poma.

A grouse perches on a snow fence on the Grouse!

View up the return from the Buzzard from outside the Base Lodge main entrance.

Nursery areas in fantastic shape, magic carpet under the chair ideal for children and first timers.

Robin beginner run with the Grouse Poma and runs beyond.

Base Lodge & Snowy Owl Chairlift, new signs with status of facilities.

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A bluebird Tuesday at the Lecht with unbroken sunshine and more of the same is the forecast for Wednesday, so if you can get up for a mid-week slide. Remember the high factor sun cream and shades!

There is a simply fantastic cover across all runs, full depth fence to fence cover with the fences out of sight in places on the main site and largely gone on the Buzzard side which has a simply phenomenal snow cover.

The base is hard packed, generally grippy firm snow rather than icy, but the steep pitch of the Snowy Owl and chair side of the Grouse was getting scrapped and slick later in the day.

Nursery slopes in fantastic condition with fence depth of level snow across the Robin, Wren and Magic Carpet Area.

Snow loosening up on the Eagle area from mid-morning to give very pleasant sport. The Buzzard size basks in the sun for much of the day and softened off nicely by lunchtime, further out towards the North where there is a slight bowl, way out past the Harrier black on the Buzzard side the slope has a slight Southerly component to it's aspect meaning this softened quickly and further out from the Poma there were very few old tracks so sweet smooth off-piste on a silky layer of loose granular snow on a firm base, meaning the turns were excellent but the base firm enough to prevent it cutting up.

Rail Park accessible from the Magic Carpet with a variety of kickers up under the Snowy Owl Chair and a large booter skiers left of the Buzzard Poma.

Get up Wednesday for a mid-week slide, but don't rush up at the crack of dawn, give the snow a couple of hours to start to loosen off and stay till the end of play to get the best out of the great cover.
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