pix from the slopes // cairngorm mountain
CairnGorm Mountain // Saturday 22nd May 2010
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Ptarmigan Tow doing it's thing on the 4th weekend of May.

Looking back to the Top Station from the Traverse, on route to Coire Cas.

Skier on the White Lady - perfect crunchy spring snow.

Bashing the bumps on the White Lady early Saturday afternoon.

Looking up the Coire Cas Gunbarrel, much faster granular spring snow than last week.

Skier jumps the tyre jib in the Ptarmigan Terrain Park.

Boarder gets air and spins a 360 off the spine.

You don't need to ski or board, Sledge Park open beside the Ptarmigan Restaurant.

Looking to the lower Ptarmigan Bowl through the tyre.

The White Lady, fantastic spring riding for good skiers and boarders.

Looking up the Ptarmigan Tow from near the bottom.

Heading down Coire Cas, fast granular spring snow, skiing beautifully Saturday..

Dropping onto the Upper Cas from the Traverse.

Looking back along the Traverse from beyond the 105 split.

Looking along the Ptarmigan Traverse to the top of the T-bar.

Base Station Igloo.

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It's the 4th weekend of May and CairnGorm Mountain is still skiing top to middle with 1300ft of vertical descent.

If you weren't up Saturday, get up Sunday. If your thinking, slush fest with such warm temperatures, surface conditions were even better and quicker than last week. Crunchy granular spring snow - the mid mountain was simply skiing beautifully on Saturday with shorts and t-shirt weather from the off.

The Traverse remains loaded and there's a great cruisey run from the Top to the middle platform via it and Coire Cas, suitable for intermediates upwards.

Coronation Wall was riding very nicely too, but the pick of the day within the lift served area was the White Lady. Fun rather than intimidating bumps and some of the truest spring snow.

Best route onto the Lady is skiers left of the M1 Poma, to near the split with the Traverse, then cross the Poma and traverse over. A 30yard hop down beside a drain line before popping plank(s) back on on the main snow field that opens out skiers right of the tunnel. Tis gets the fullest and best run.

For those with touring kit there's fantastic conditions for end of spring high level touring. While within the snowsport area the Ciste Gully is complete to just about the boardwalks. Just remember there's a biggish stream underneath!
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