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CairnGorm Mountain // Wednesday 14th April 2010
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The White Lady, picture perfect!

This is what spring is all about, fantastic turns on the East Wall gullies. Traverse out from the Ptarmigan to get the full length.

East Wall & Ciste Gully would be even better with the West Wall Chair, www.savetheciste.com.

Skiers on the lower White Lady.

The still wide bowl that is the East Lady, as it funnels to the Ladt itself, bumps are starting to form.

CairnGorm from the East Lady, still mostly ride anywhere cover on the mid and upper mountain.

The Fiacaill Ridge Poma still going strong into mid April.

Looking up Coire Cas from the lower Ciste Carpark.

View over the Zig Zags to the M1, Funicular, White Lady and East Lady from the top of the FRP.

Skier crossing into the Gunbarrel from the Zig Zags.

Coire Cas T-bar doing it's thing on Wednesday afternoon.

Looking up the M1 Poma from the foot of the M1 SideTrack, good sport.

The sign says 'mind your head', the underpass back to the M1 Poma is passable - if you duck!

Heading down the Carpark Run just below the Sheiling Tow.

Looking up the Sheiling area of the Carpark Run, use the fence line nearest the T-bar.

The pick of Wednesday afternoon was the No 2 Gully on the East Wall.

Ptarmigan Bowl from the Ciste Fairway, huge features in the Ptarmigan Park.

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With high pressure continuing to be the dominant factor in our weather it was a perfect bluebird Wednesday on CairnGorm Mountain.

Those out first thing found the snow hard and glazed after a fairly sharp refreeze, but once it started to loosen up the riding was epic under the perfect blue skies.

There is fantastic sport for all ability levels from first timers upwards. For intermediates Coire Cas is one big wide playground with the Cas and lots of lines between there and the Fiaicall, or for more confident intermediates a long cruise down the M2 and OverYonder to the West Wall Poma.

For advanced riders there's huge coverage across the mountain with so many variations to explore on each area, once the surface loosens up there's fantastic spring snow steeps on the Ciste Gully and White Lady for those seeking bumps, while the various walls offer up smoother steeps to crank up the carves on. East Lady, East Wall and Coronation Wall all offering superb turns on Wednesday afternoon, though No2 Gully on the East Wall edged it for run of the day.

If bumps are really your thing, the biggest ones are to be found on the West Wall Chair Run, the top access by Ryvon is closed, so access via the M2 and traverse as high across the Aonach Bowl as possible, then drop down the Chair Run to the WWP and remember to keep your best bump skiing for those watching from the Poma.

Good Top to Daylodge riding remains on offer via the Carpark Run and this is the recommended way down. It is possible to come down via the M2 way using a combination of the Daylodge piste, short section of the tow then cutting out onto the Daylodge Glades to come out by the mountain garden.
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