pix from the slopes // cairngorm mountain
CairnGorm Mountain // Saturday 29th May 2010
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Skiers on the White Lady on Sat afternoon.

Boarders on Coire Cas, narrow but crunchy spring snow.

Hugo putting some turns in on the White Lady.

Heading for the Traverse from the Top Station.

Go Slowly and straight line it.... Just possible to get to the bottom of the Gunbarrel.

Fresh soft tracks skiers right of the Ptarmigan Tow.

H11lly negotiates the narrow section on the mid White Lady, much wider above and below.

Fun spring bumps on the White Lady.

The way to the White Lady, short walk around the top of the tunnel.

Still huge amount of snow in the Ptarmigan Bowl.

Looking back up the Traverse on route to Coire Cas.

Looking across the Ptarmigan Bowl on Saturday morning.

Ominous clouds on Saturday morning, but it stayed mostly dry till late afternoon.

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A largely overcast day with occasional brighter spells, but it largely stayed dry until later in the afternoon. Ptarmigan Bowl still has stacks of snow on both sides of the T-bar.

Opportunity to lay down some fresh tracks on Saturday morning on the upper reaches of the East Wall by the Ptarmigan Bowl, but the fresh snow got slower and stickier. From mid-morning the best snow was on the middle slopes, good granular spring snow, but the Ptarmigan Bowl snow speed up later in the day.

The Traverse is still in good nick, fences banked out in places, head beyond the 105 to drop directly onto Coire Cas. The spring snow on the Cas became crunchier and faster as the day went on, so good fun sport despite being narrow. Bumps building in the Gunbarrel, but mellower than on the White Lady.

The White Lady is still skiable, apart from a short walk round the top of the tunnel. Fantastic fun spring sport for advanced riders, but very narrow in a couple of places. However for the end of May no-ones complaining!

For those willing to do some leg work Coronation Wall is still offering good steep spring snow. The Ciste Gully is also still complete and in fantastic condition to near the boardwalks.

Sunday afternoon should be better weather than first thing. Monday is looking great, get the toys in the car along with your sense of humour and come and have some fun on the last day of spring.
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