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Nevis Range // Monday 1st March 2010
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Heading into the forest, packed snow on the tracks, soft baseless snow under the Gondola.

Skied my first cattle grid this afternoon!

Boarder appears below the Gondola. Sweet 'hero' snow from Top Station to the Deer fence, fantastic turns.

Looking up the snowsports area from under the Gondola on the way back to the car park.

The East face of Goose Gully is loaded, best riding on the mountain, fantastic windpacked snow, can crank it up on.

Cornice in the Allt Sneachda forming a natural 1/4 pipe.

Digging out the terrain park on the Summit Run, prior to last weeks storm this rail sat above the snow.

Perfect bluebird going up the Alpha Tow after lunch.

Summit Runs and Tows, the big double C-rail in shot.

Top of the Goose T-bar and Loch Eil beyond.

Obligatory shot of you know what.

View down Goose Gully. Fantastic snow on the East side, bit hard right in the bed of the gully.

Cornice at the foot of the Allt Sneachda run, don't overshoot the Quad.

View down the Quad Chair, firm to hard packed snow, Allt Sneachda and skiers right of the cornice far better snow.

Looking down from the foot of the Summit Tow.

Going up the Summit Tow while working on the goggle tan.

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Next to no wind and a beautiful blue sky day with almost unbroken sunshine for the first official day of Spring at Nevis Range, where Summit to almost sea riding is still possible. Over 3600ft of vertical can be notched up to the base of the Gondola at just 330ft.

There is an amazing cover on the front of the mountain now, ride anywhere cover across Warrens to and over the Goose. The undoubted pick of the day is the East face of the Goose from any point along Switch between the Summit Tow and Warren's, which opened for the afternoon.

The Summit area has seen huge gains, perhaps five feet of level snow added to the base on the evidence of the park features being dug out. The windpacked snow is breaking down under the groomers to give machine packed powder on the Summit, and lower down on the Rabbit Run and Yokies, though it has a few slicker patches.

Warren's where groomed though is hard packed and rather slick in comparison to the fantastic surfaces outside the fences on this area.

Allt Sneachda is a must do, lots of options to drop in and launch out of the gully on the cornice higher up, but make sure no-one is dropping while you are launching and vice versa. Be careful though, esp if visibility is bad, the drop is huge in places, easily 12ft + in places.

Still possible to ride to the car park, actually skiing beautifully till the deer fence. Below there it's full on combat skiing under the Gondola line once in the forest, so the downhill track or forest roads are better. Zig Zagging a couple of legs of the road gives a break from the narrow confines of the Downhill track, but lower down the downhill is great fun, but it requires a degree of commitment due to the very narrow confines which maybe unnerving to those not familiar with the track - certainly only an option for advanced skiers and boarders.

Cover is mostly decent, well packed snow now on the track, just the final drop down the Offbeat Wall has been scrapped down by people snowploughing, leaving it gritty and rocky, best to unclip or take to the trees for some final combat turns then out the footpath to the Gondola Station. Remember to aim for the cattle grid or the style at the fence at the tree line.
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