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Glenshee // Monday 8th March 2010
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Bumps by the Meall Odhar Poma.

Enjoying the best snow on Meall Odhar under blue skies.

Looking up Fionn Coire and the Glas Maol Poma. Hard rutted snow on the Fionn Poma side.

Top of the Coire Fionn Pomas looking back to Glas Maol.

Closed Glas Maol Poma with Centre Gully beyond.

Looking down Meall Odhar to the Cairnwell beyond.

Beautiful and more spring like snow on Meall Odhar.

Meall Odhar T-bar, but where did the T-bars go?

Meall Odhar and Caenlochan from behind the Meall Odhar cafe.

Carn Aosda T-bar doing it's thing. Soft bumps by mid-morning next to T-bar.

Superb cover on the Carn Aosda fenced runs, first thing to soften up in the sun.

Cairnwell and the Thunder Bowl from top of Carn Aosda.

Bluebird Monday, outside the Cairnwell Cafe at the junction of the Plastic Slope Poma, Carn Aosda and Butchart's Access.

Looking out over the Base Area to Sunnyside and Meall Odhar beyond.

Boarder group lesson on the Plastic Slope.

Dink Dink has perfect cover for novices.

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Monday dawned with a hazy high cloud layer over Glenshee, while the Northern Cairngorms basked in sunshine, but driving south on the A93 you could see the cloud sheet burn back to the South and by mid-morning Butchart's was basking in the sun.

Snow started hard packed with some icy patches, quickly loosening up on Carn Aosda then Butchart's. Late morning the red runs of the Carn Aosda T-bar were giving great riding, bumps building on the steep line parallel to the T-bar.

Surface conditions remained variable, South and slightly South of West aspects saw the snow loosen up nicely, will the fenced runs on Coire Fionn and Tom Dearg remained hard, fairly grippy if you have good edges though - can still layout some carves on it.

Extensive pisting so even where the snow was firm it was giving decent sport, but off piste where the snow stayed firm its rather rough and chattery.

During the afternoon increasing numbers gravitated towards the Meall Odhar T-bar, where the original MO run to skiers right of the T-bar was beautiful, by far the pick of the day. Softened up nicely before lunch but did not become to soft or slushy, should become increasingly granular and spring like over the next few days.

More bumps by the MO Poma, great fun in the afternoon, but likely to be a survival course early AM though.
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