pix from the slopes // cairngorm mountain
CairnGorm Mountain // Sunday 4th April 2010
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Fiacaill Terrain Park and the Zig Zags. Variety of features and roller rider-X on Fiacaill Traverse.

Deep snow at the Ptarmigan and that's after the level was dug down!

Skiers at the top of the Daylodge Poma looking out over the Aonach Bowl to the East Wall.

Great snow down the Fiacaill out onto the Carpark Runs.

Sheiling Tow from high on the East Lady. Sheiling in good condition for snowplough turners.

White Lady and Coire Cas from the East Lady, great snow, but getting soft low down later.

Boarder laying out a turn on the East Lady.

Ptarmigan viewing terrace, alternative entrance to the Restaurant.

Looking out from the top of the M1 Poma.

East Lady, White Lady, Funicular and M1 Poma from the M1 queuing area.

Sign the e-petition at www.savetheciste.com.

East Wall of Coire na Ciste from the top of the West Wall Chairlift.

Skier heading up the Daylodge Poma, ride anywhere cover beyond in Coire Cas.

Bottom of the M2 / top of the Daylodge Poma and OverYonder.

Boarder heads round the corner on the Daylodge Poma.

Boarders on the Daylodge Run. Daylodge Glades fantastic most of the day, fresh snow softening got a bit sticky late on.

Brightened up during the afternoon, sunny spell at the top of the Daylodge Poma.

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An overcast and snowy start to Easter Sunday with a couple of inches of fresh snow falling overnight into the morning. Hill fog gave another clagged in start, but like on Saturday it cleared up for the afternoon with long enough sunny spells for a few red faces on the mountain.

Fantastic riding across the mountain for all ability levels, generally excellent surface conditions, but some softening of the fresh snow on the lower slopes, lead to some sticky snow where less used off-piste.

Ride anywhere cover on the mid and upper mountain and riding in places that just shouldn't be skiable on the lower mountain!

Full length of Ciste side runs still being done by skiing out the Aonach Bowl and Ciste Gully to the Ciste Carpark, offering up 2000ft of vertical. Laogh Mor Return complete to the Ciste also, with amazing off-piste steeps further out in Laogh Mor.

A very stormy couple of days is forecast, check the latest lift situation before travelling. Early indications are more settled conditions returning mid-week.
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